Sunday, December 21, 2008

2nd Annual Proctor XMAS Party, Holidays and Snow!

The Gargiulo Girls
Tim and I 

On 12/12 we had our annual XMAS party.  It was a fun time and we had lots of friends and family at our house.  I hope everyone who came enjoyed themselves.  I know everyone who talked to Tim and I since said they did, and we should do it again next year the same way!

Snowstorm 12/19-12/21
Our Living Room for the Holidays

On Friday, 12/19 we finally got snow and boy did we ever!  I left work 2 hours early at 1pm and it took me 4 1/2 hours to get home.  It was a nightmare, but I made it.  The picture above shows  Bailey going out in the snow.  The snow was touching his stomach, he was not happy until we did a little bit of shoveling and he was able to play around.  Guinness of course thinks it is a never ending meal.  Dumb dog! 

Christmas is approaching which for me means NO SCHOOL!  I am very excited to have some time off to be home and relax.  I can't believe I am already 1/2 way through the school year already too.  It sure does fly by! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November is almost over..

The Birthday Girl!
Tim and I on the  Cruise around the City

On Saturday the 22nd, our friend Erin held her birthday party down in the city.  We went on a Party Boat around the city.  The girls and I went down early and hung out in the hotel room Erin got for us.  We stayed at the Affinia Hotel which was AMAZING.  After the party we went out and then went back to the hotel for sleep.

On Sunday, Tim and I met back up and went to see the Wintuk at Madison Square with his family and Anna's Girl Scout Troop.  Luckily for me I only had to walk across the street in the morning.  After the show, which was great, we went down to the village for lunch and some shopping.  Before heading back uptown to Macy's on 34th Street to see Santa.  Santa though doesn't arrive at Macy's until the day AFTER Thanksgiving, so we settled on a picture with a few elves.  

Santa's Elves and us

In other updates, both our jobs are good.  Tim is enjoying the FD and I am enjoying teaching my middle schoolers. Just yesterday we made turkeys in class, and now I have a new table center piece.  Until next time...xoxo!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday was great for 2 reasons, end of the work week AND Halloween. My parents came over with pizza for dinner while waiting for Tim to get home from work. Although the original plans were to stay in, we decided to get dressed up last minute and head down to Jamie's house in Pleasantville for a house party. We are glad we did:) Tim was a Red Neck/ White Trash and I was a China Doll. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. Bring on November!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2 Years of Marriage Already!

I can't believe it has been 2 years already!! Time sure does fly. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. To think back 2 years ago, soon after the wedding Tim was deployed for 6 months. Then stayed in Virginia until December. We are coming up on completing 1 year of Tim being out of the military and living back in NY. We are both grateful for all those people who celebrated with us 2 years ago and continue to support and love us!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day Weekend

Dennis and Tim Shooting Arrows
Before Falling in the Water

Michael, Ryan and Tim on the Waterfalls

We are back from our family vacation at Glenbrook (with Tim's family).  A great 3 days and 3 nights of fun.  Missing Poppa who wasn't able to be there with us since he is getting better.  We went to waterfalls, I fell in the water while climbing waterfalls (ouch!), and went go-karting with my buddy Ryan.  It was Octoberfest at Hunter Mountain, so we stopped by there too.  

This is my 3rd year up there now, this year I finally rode a bike around the lake, once with Connor than with little Ryan.  My workout for the month, haha.  Tim practiced shooting with his Dad with their bows and last night we had a campfire after going to the haunted house. Which wasn't as scary as last years, I knew what to look out for this time.  

Thanks to my parents and Erin, who watched the dogs for us and helped sick Bailey.  I am sorry again Erin for having to clean up messes, aren't you glad you have a cat? 

Bring on the holidays and winter so this spring we can spend more time up in the mountains of the Catskills with all those we love.

Friday, October 3, 2008

6 Months Ago...

My Grandma passed away.  My grandma meant the world to me, as many of you know.  The whole event was horrible and seeing her that week in the state she was in will probably never leave my mind.  Most important though, are all the fun times she was with me and the things we did together.  Or all the great food she would cook me, nights she let me stay at my house and just how happy she was on my wedding day.  I loved Grandma and forever she will be in my heart along with all those who knew her.  Rest in Peace Grandma a.k.a.  Gert,  the Bird and Nanny.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


School has started.   Week 4 starts on Monday,  it has been CHALLENGING.  I am still getting used to being up at 5am, on the road around 6 and then usually home between 5 and 6pm, basically 12 hours a day out of the house.  I have 12 Sixth Graders, for 11 year olds what they say at times is SURPRISING!! I am counting the days until June already.

The families are doing great, back t college for Rob and Kim, back in school for Anna and still working for Eric and Kevin.  All are looking forward to Columbus weekend until everyone is home from school and go away again to the Catskills.

Friday the 19th I went to my cousin's Sweet 16!  Fun times in Long Island and seeing that side of my family.  My mom had a good time (pictures to come).  Today we decorated for the Fall in our house, Tim is counting down the days until Hunting Season begins, fishing all the time until then.  The cold weather is setting in, hopefully the winter won't be too bad this year, for my commute will be more awful then it is already.  

Until next time- peace, love and happiness!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Job

I am a teacher!  After 5 long years in college, all the hard work paid off.  After attending a job fair for NYC teachers on Tuesday the 12th, I was offered a job the following day at an interview.  I am now a 6th grade special education teacher in the Bronx.  I am super excited!

I start officially on the 28th and the kiddos come to school on September 2nd.  This week I have been down in the city at teacher orientation, I am relieved to know I am not the only nervous person, and after going over activity after activity I know my content. 

So now Tim and I both work for NYC and both work in the Bronx, although he is in the North BX and I am in the South Bronx.  My career officially begins in 1 week.  Eeek!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Lake George 2008

We are back at home and back to normal after a great week in Lake George with our friends. We went Saturday and came home Saturday. We spilt a home with 10 other friends, everyone taking a night to cook dinner for everyone. I have never ate so much good food in one week. Tim cooked for our night since as you know I don't cook.

GoKarting was one of the many highlights for the week. After our race we were kicked out, NO BUMPING!! We went rafting in inner tubes, what an adventure. My tube popped and I had to lay across Tim for the last part of the river. We survived though after fearing a waterfall and having dogs come out to scare us.

My parents were up at the Sagamore for the week with my brother who came to visit us twice for a little while. Tim and I spent time up at their hotel too. It was nice seeing them and Dan totally impressed my dad with his wake boarding skills.

Can't wait for LG 09!!!

Here are some pictures:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Our Graduations

Our Graduation Pictures:

Manhattan College Graduation 5.18.08 

FDNY Academy Graduation 6.30.08

We are both very proud of our accomplishments this year.  We'd also like the thank everyone who helped us along the way and celebrated with us.  Thank you!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I've been toying with the idea to start a blog for some time now.  Well I finally did it!  Now if I can figure out how to add old posts/blogs I have written about us on here.  Soon!

Tim and I are enjoying the summer time.  He loves his job with the FDNY, I swear I have never seen him happier.  I am in the middle of job-hunting.  Hopefully I will hear good news soon and have a job before the school year starts.

Next week we will be going on a vacation with some of our friends.  I am very excited for LG 08!  I am also excited for Tim being able to get time off so he can enjoy himself after 4 years of going going going for the Navy and then the FDNY Academy.  

Well I hope those of you reading, continue to follow the blog.  Enjoy and come back soon!!