Tuesday, May 26, 2009



Just a few Disney photos are up now and a few oldies.  More will be added shortly!  

Only 22 days of school left!!

Summer vacation is creeping up.  Tim and I kicked off the summer season with spending time in the Catskills for Memorial Day Weekend with Eric, Clayton, Michael and Sean.  We went quadding, the boys went fishing and we all hung out by the fire.  A bunch of Tim's family showed up to visit too.  It was very relaxing, and the camper looks great.  Nothing like camping and sleeping on a full bed without bugs!  

Graduations mean parties!  Rob graduation UConn on May 10th (Mother's Day).  Tim has cousins graduating high school and middle school.  June is almost booked up completely on the weekends.  We are looking forward to the Jersey Shore which is now only a month away.  

Kim, my sister, is now in Egypt until the 1st of June.  Smooth sailing up the Nile, lucky her.  Everything else is daily routines.  I cannot wait until school is out and I have time to catch up on my reading, scrapbooking (our Disney Vacation) and going up to the Catskills whenever we have free time.  Just a few updates on us.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May is here!!

Only 2 more months until Summer!  May is going to be a busy month.  It started off with a Communion Party, Boxing Match House Party and Baby Shower, this weekend is Bri's 25th birthday, Mother's Day and Rob's College Graduation.  Then I have Zootopia Concert with my sister on the 16th.  Following that is Memorial Weekend in the Catskills and ending with a CF Walk and Memorial Dinner for our friends' father.  Can it be June yet?   What is good about a busy May is June will be here before we know it.

Now if only the rain could stop, isn't April supposed to be the rainy month?  We want to take out the motorcycle, quad and go up state more.  Here is to the rain gods- STOP IT!!  Hope everyone else is having a good start to May. XOXO