Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to work.

Today I went to my new school for my new job as a 3rd grade regular ed teacher. My classroom is HUGE! I will have a whole reading area with carpets and tons of books that are grade appropriate unlike last year. I just have to empty out about 50 bags full of those books and organize them. I am looking at having about 24 students. I have a few computers, not sure if they work yet though and tons of closets with hooks for the kids stuff. I am going back Wednesday with more of my stuff and to continue to set up the room. It is still very overwhelming, but I am excited, I just want school to start so I don't have to worry anymore. I still will worry but at least I will know what I really am dealing with.

Tim and I are trying to pay off a lot of our debt this year. We have a goal and hopefully we will be able to meet it. Only $200 more and 1 credit card will be 100% paid off!! We paid off $3000 on Friday at once with the grant that came in for me working in a low-end school last year. What else went on this weekend? We went to Hunter's 5th birthday- he got double presents since Tim and I couldn't agree, MY GIFT WON!! I bought him Geo Tracks train set booster pack from the movie Cars, and Tim picked out Nerf guns. He liked the guns but he likes trains better!! YAY ME!

Saturday Night- Bailey ran away for 4.5 hours, we searched everywhere, Amy and Patrick came up to watch a movie and helped us look too. We looked on every road nearby, the woods, the ditches (fearing the worst), I contacted both the Sheriffs and Troopers. At 1:30am Amy and I went out posting signs for people to see in the morning in case anyone took him in since it was raining. After hanging up all the signs and driving around with the flashlight and calling his name more he came running up to the car like nothing happened.

Tim was very happy his dog came home. Guinness had been sitting on the floor starring at the door all night or laying on the couch moping. It was funny to see how he knew something was wrong. Poor dog thought he may have lost his brother.

Hope all is well with everyone! Until next time...xoxo

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Night Blues

School starts back up in 2 weeks, just I finally have free time and starting to relax. The house we went to see yesterday that we were interested in is a no-go. It needs TOO MUCH work, at least 60,000$ before even living it. I wish it could have worked out but it just wasn't meant to be. So we will go back to casually looking and if something else comes along that spikes our interest we will look again.

On Tim's way home from work today the tire popped, literally spilt along the whole side. Now we need 2 new tires tomorrow. Have I mentioned how much I hate that car? Now I am home playing with my pictures on the computer while Tim fixes a leak in someone's wall. Then its Sunday night TV time and bed. Tomorrow I am baby sitting my favorite 2 boys!! Pray that this week goes by slow!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

This old house?

So we may have found a house. We are going to look at it tomorrow again, and if goes well bump our mortgage prequalfication to an approval. I am excited but at the same time not putting all my hopes up for the house. The house needs MAJOR work, and that is what we know from just driving and walking around it so far. No idea about structural damage, the house is 200 years old with a history a mile long. Which I think is one of the coolest things.
The awful count down to working again has begun. I go in on the 31st to see my classroom and begin to set up and figure out the "game plan" for the year. I still can't believe I am teaching 3rd grade and that I don't have to return to my job from last year. YAY!

Keep you posted!! xoxo

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our 1st Garden- Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and tons of Peppers
At the Renegade's Game with Ryan for his 7th Birthday!

Finally I got around to adding some pictures, and I still have lots more. We started a garden this year, unfortunately our tomatoes got hit by the plague and Tim ripped out our those plants today. He is very proud of his cucumbers and making them into pickles. My farmer husband! We went upstate on Friday night to spend the night camping with his cousins and sister and parents. We swam in the creek that has a rock slide, very cool until I thought there were leeches, but they turned out to be tiny snails. Thank God!! My brother turns 23 tomorrow- Happy 23rd Robert!

Monday, August 3, 2009

July flew by...

and now it is August! Soon I will be back at work, teaching 3rd grade at my new job. Yikes! July was full of excitement and fun! My sister, Kim, turned 21 and we celebrated all week long! My cousin Daniel came up to NY with my Aunt and Uncle to visit and rode the quad with Tim.

I went to the Katy Perry concert in NYC with Briana, went to a Bachlorette Party for one of Tim's coworkers in the firehouse. Early evening rooftop bar at a new hotel in Brooklyn, a great time and experience. Then Sunday night 8/3 Tim and I went to the Jones Beach Theater to see Kid Rock and Lynard Skyndard- we had such a great time together. The ride home was long but well worth it. Monday morning was rough to wake up for work.

I am trying to be better at posting and keeping everyone updated! Stay tuned!