Monday, October 26, 2009

The leaves are changing...

Hope all is well with everyone. Last week, I was out of work 2 days with Strep Throat. I took the medicine though and it was wonderful! I feel so much better, and feel better than before. This weekend was busy for us both. Tim is building a deck for family friends and I helped celebrate my parents 28th wedding anniversary with them Sunday walking across the Hudson Walkway bridge. It was beautiful with all the trees changing.

We contacted a real estate lawyer. I hope to have contracts in the making by this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Once that happens I will post pictures. Halloween is this weekend too, Tim and I are supposed to go to a party but I am not even sure anymore. I know I have NO costume and neither does Tim. We shall see.

School is going good. I am going to have to wait and apply to grad school in the Spring. Nothing is ready in time, and I can't be worrying about it now. Who knows what the Spring will bring too. I am going to keep looking, look for scholarships and apply to more schools in the Spring since I will have more time. Then try to start in the summer. Fingers crossed. I am giving myself a December deadline to have everything done and ready to be mailed.

Until next time... xoxoxo

Thursday, October 22, 2009



5 Weeks

7 Weeks +3.5 lbs = 128.5lbs.
8 Weeks

I know most know by now but making the official blog announcement for those who don't know yet. My due date is May 21, 2010. We found on on September 11th, when I went to the doctor because Tim was still in disbelief after taking tons of at home tests. The dollar store ones proved right!!

So far though, we went to the ER once for some bleeding, but everything turned out alright and we got to hear the heart beat for the first time at 7 weeks. The next day, on Tim's Birthday we went to the OBGYN and got the first picture of the peanut and saw the heart beat again. My next appointment is on the 18th of November. We are excited to see the changes at that point. Around Christmas/New Year's is when we find out the sex of the baby, which we will be doing. I don't do surprises and want to plan and have the nursery set up before hand in either boy or girl stuff. Picking names is going to be hard enough too.

I am taking belly photos throughout the pregnancy, as it is I have gained 5 pounds since getting pregnant. Pretty sure most of that went to my chest. They have become the most painful things.. This week I went to the doctor and was told I have Strep throat, YUCK! I hate being sick, now being sick and pregnant is just horrible. So lots of rest and liquids for me.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Cold Weather Is Here

Tim and I at the Look Out Point of Route 23
Some of the Family at the Haunted House
Tim doing Karaoke with the Leonard Leopards

Tim and I at the Bronx Zoo (above) Tim's Birthday at the Haunted Hayrides with Friends (below)

The cold weather has come and I want heat! My job is going well, I love my coworkers and my students are finally learning how to walk in the staircase and hallways. Who would think it would take 3rd graders over a month?

We went upstate to Glenbrook for Columbus Weekend with family and it was great seeing everyone. We went to Octoberfest at Hunter Mountain, had a camp fire at the camper while some of the kids went into the Haunted House. The food was delish too!

Back to work tomorrow, at least it is a 4 day week again. October is almost 1/2 way through, Christmas will be here before we know it. We are still house hunting, but shopping around for mortgages now also. We hope to have things figured out by the end of the month.