Sunday, January 31, 2010

February is HERE- woohoo

I passed 24 weeks. I feel that 30 weeks is going to be here before I know it. I had my monthly visit on Friday, I gained a lot of weight, 10lbs in 1 month. The doctor doesn't mind, but it took a minute to sink in.
Here are pictures from week 22 and 23. Enjoy! We hope to have good
news about our house by tomorrow, so that update will be coming soon.

22 Weeks 5 Days Thursday Jan. 21st 2010

23Weeks 5 Days Jan 28th 2010 BELOW

Monday, January 25, 2010

Heads will roll...

Well Saturday we went to see the house again. My parents came this time, well my dad has already seen inside. My mom loved it. What will be Jack's room is already painted a light brownish/tan which is great. Another room we don't have to paint. So really the only room to paint is the master bedroom! YAY!

They knocked down the wall downstairs and it is one huge room, I like it even better. We couldn't be happier right now. The appraiser didn't go last week. We were told this week. Heads will roll if it doesn't happen. I want a closing date for sure. We have passed 2 closings now, Dec and Jan. Makes me mad.

Baby Update:
Next doctor appointment is Friday. Heartburn appeared at 6pm tonight and is still here. I want to rip my throat out. He is moving all the time, active little boy. I also told my students on Friday about the baby. Many said they thought I was pregnant but also thought I was getting fat... out of the mouths of babies. They asked when they get to name it... HAHA I said it is done already his name is Jack. The boys cheered over being a boy. Today I showed them some ultrasound pictures, the girls all did the "aawww so cute" sounds. I also told them they can't have me yell or get upset anymore, its not good for the baby. Hopefully that will work for the rest of the year.

Tim is ever busy with his business. He is either at the firehouse or working at someone's house. Whatever brings in the BACON, although he does need to remember to charge his phone more and keep it on. He is horrible with that and phones are the only thing we argue about. I feel like a parent threatening to cancel his phone.
I am enjoying myself more at work, my kids have been really good and we are getting our work done instead of talking or arguing. It has become more enjoyable and therefore my days seem to fly by also. Another good thing. Will update with pictures and news soon. I have to upload the camera to the computer.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Purchases & Baby Kicks

So we went out and bought a bouncer/walker for Jack today. We had coupons, and got a really great deal on this. All the little boys on the street are going to be jealous of this hot rod. Combi 3 in 1 Activity Walker-Black
Jack has been having dance parties in my belly. They are stronger then ever (and I know I still have a while to go where they will get even stronger). Tim couldn't believe the kicking he was feeling this weekend. We looked at bedding to order, so that will be next on our list to purchase.

HOUSE NEWS: Seller's should have everything to code this week with the county, so appraiser should be able to get in there this week too. We are hopefully going back in on Saturday to see house again and get measurements. Then have an idea of a closing date also. I am hoping we can do it over February break.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Past the 1/2 way Mark

I still can't believe how time flies. After getting the positive on 9/9/09 I can't believe I am this far along already, know it is a boy and registering for baby goods. We are still waiting on the house to close, appraiser is the next step we are waiting on. I can't wait to set up Jack's room, and until we have the house I don't want to start ordering bedding and stuff.I have also "popped" I finally look pregnant and not just bloated, even though my butt is as big as my stomach now.
School is back in session and last week I was out of work due to strep again. Feeling much better now. Then this past weekend was busy, I went to the Palisades Mall on Saturday to have lunch with my friends from the Nest, and then I shopped with Monika for a few hours. Sunday, Tim and I went to the city to see Avenue Q, it was AWESOME! We saw 3 shows after we got married and nothing since, so it was long overdue.
Anyways the much liked photos to compare from the weeks before are below
. Until next time, xoxo!

21 Weeks 2 Days
21Weeks 2 Days - On way to the City

Friday, January 1, 2010

19 Week Belly and U/S Pictures

Belly Shots
My custom picture of Prince Jack
Until I can get the pictures on the CD fixed no pictures of the "goods", hands, & feet.

Motorcycles & Fire Trucks!!

It is a BOY!!! Jack Owen Proctor

We are thrilled! I haven't stopped shopping starting 20 minutes after we found out and Kim has purchased her first Best Auntie outfit of many I am sure. My dad is ready to buy Yankee clothes and my Mom well she will be spoiling.

The week off from work has been great, Tim has been home most of the time and we have done tons together. His received his License and Registration for his own business so that is getting up and running too. 2010 for us is: New House, Business, & Baby and I am sure many other pleasant surprises.

I have a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I am going to post that list and keep track of it also over the next 2.75 years. I am going to put pictures up as soon as I can edit them and get them loaded on!