Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, September 27, 2010

Handling it ALL so far...

Work, school, and baby this fall.  I am doing it all and it is going well.  Grad school has be okay so far, midterm is next week already.  I really need one day to pump out all of the work and be done for the semester.  The car ride and rush is really the hardest part since class starts at 4 and I run out of work at 2:30 to get to the BX from Poughkeepsie, just hope the snow holds off as long as possible.
I LOVE LOVE work, the compassion, the place, the students, everything.  It is a whole different ballgame then I am used to and exactly what I need to be able to handle everything this fall.  I could be be happier and even leave for work early each morning, when has that happened before?
Jack is incredible.  I am nervous for the toddler years and/or number two down the road.  We went to a party yesterday and fed him at 12:45 and then strapped him in the carrier for car ride, he slept until almost 4 and ate again and passed back out.  He played a little when he woke up at 9pm and then back to sleep through the night, I left at 7am and he was still in crib sleeping.  We are truly blessed and I cannot say that enough.

4 month check up:
25 inches 75%tile    &   14 lbs 6 oz 25%  Just like his parents:)
He started on rice cereal and sippy cup of water.  We have tried 1 bowl a day of the cereal.  I am so not ready for the extra dishes and mess, he is adorable though when he holds the sippy cup.

He can roll both ways now but not all the time but he can do it and has done it several times.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (oldies)

On the quad last summer 2009
Playing at the Jersey Shore
Mr. Guinness Doog

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekend Trip to DC

We were nuts but we did it.  We left 9am Saturday morning for our friend Ethan's 2nd Birthday and arrived at 4pm (stopping 2 times for gas and feedings/changing).  We went out at 9pm to go to downtown DC and see some monuments with our friends and babies.  We checked into our hotel at the Army Base Ft. Belvior at midnight and checked out at 10am.  Went to the PX and then headed back north.
We went to Mike's Harley Davidson in New Castle, Delaware for a while and then continued the journey home, pulling in about 7:30pm.  It was so worth it,  we have to go back again soon.  We also decided we would try to do more of these weekend things staying on military bases for cheap in nice rooms, $72 a night can't be beat.
Proud Mommy of Birthday Boy with Jack and Me with Lily

Washington Monument
Touring Downtown DC 9.18.10

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

4 Months

Jack is 4 months today!!  He completed day 2 at the sitter with his new little friend too.  Mommy is on day 2 of the first full week and that is filled with half school and half training, no time to rest that is for sure.
Today we had EI at the house for Jack, while that was taking place I had to run in and grab the car seat, get to the sitter, and doctor all in about 20 minutes.  Have I mentioned how we live in the car?

Jack went to the doctor's office today because he is a bit congested, so he is on nebulizer for the next 4 days.  At least it wasn't shots which come next week.  We did weigh the lil' man and he is a total of 13lbs 12oz  UP 1.5lbs in 3 weeks.  He certainly likes to eat.  We gave him a Vapor Bath and rubbed Vick's Baby Rub on him before bottle and bed tonight too.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

As I type on Sunday night I'll update

Well to start I quit my teaching job in the Bronx! So happy and excited about that. I became a teacher for the family oriented career. Well last year my pregnancy was treated like a burden and I was not even asked about the baby when I returned after 5 weeks on leave. I am sure my blood pressure being so high was a direct correlation of the stress of work. I could not stomach returning for such a person.

So I found a new place, and don't get me wrong this place will have it challenges also, the students have severe special needs. It is real special education, not the city's pathetic excuse of out of control students they group in 1 room in a sink or swim situation. Then they wonder why so many teachers leave or quit. I couldn't deal with it anymore. I have a child now, I have more to worry about then someone else's mood, never knowing the personality I am walking into greet that morning.

So I will have snow days if it snows, sympathy if my child gets sick, and well a friendlier atmosphere that doesn't rotate teachers yearly. My commute is shorter and I am working with fellow moms now, major pluses. We will be budgeting more now which means less trips to Target and less Starbucks runs. But if my sanity is intact because of it, its worth it right? I think so.

This week I started grad school, 2 classes with the same professor, seems like it will be an interesting semester. I did have to force people to fix my schedule and march into the Dean of the school's office to get my courses straightened out, but I got it done. Maybe I am a force to be reckoned with, or I really just don't take no for an answer. Either way I got what and how I am wanted in the end because I did register for it that way in the beginning and they screwed it up. Everything is back to normal now.

Jack is getting bigger by the day, last week was the first time that it hit me all the changes I will be missing. I mean I will see him daily but not get to spend everyday with him like I have for the past 4 months basically. He seems to be heavier by the moment and doing new things too. Yesterday he held his own bottle to feed himself. He fed himself 6oz at 2 different feedings yesterday (using the little bottles), he is 3 1/2 months old. He blows razzberries at you and cracks up when you say his name. He is so alert now too. Grandma (my mom) took him for a ride on the train at the mall, the whole time he looked at all the people and stores. His sleep span is getting longer also. 10-8am most nights, without a late night feeding. He is trying to pull himself up when slightly reclined by grabbing his knee or pants to pull. How freaking smart is that? I am so upset about leaving him on Tuesday. It makes me tear up.

Well I am going to enjoy my last day off before reality sets in of work on Tuesday. I really hope everyone had an amazing summer, I know I did.