Sunday, November 28, 2010

An Award... Me?? oh okay!!

My friend Lindsey gave me this award.  I met Linz back in early 2006 online.  I then "dealt" her a dog off i95 in Virginia and our friendship grew.  We worked on DIY things for our weddings and I traveled to NC for her wedding and she came to NY to mine.  Now we try to see each other 1-2 times a year and keep in touch via texting and computers!  Funny thing is both don't even own those dogs anymore.

3 Things about Me:
  1. My attention span has gotten shorter of the years.  I can multitask well since I can't just do 1 thing.
  2. I have always wished I stuck with dancing years ago.
  3. My grandparents died on the same exact day 11 years apart.

I am passing the torch to 3 of my friends and bloggers I follow:
  • Kendra at Baby Bits!
  • Steph at The Preira Family
  • Jenn at Commuting and Cartoons

Saturday, November 27, 2010

6 months


I love my owl

Such a happy baby


baby blues

6th month pro shot
Jack is now 6 months.  Everyone who said time would fly was right.
He just went for his check up and got his shots.  He cried but snapped out of it quickly.  The Pedi was impressed by his mobility even with the cast of tossing turning and yapping.  We learned our nurse is leaving and next time we are there at 9 months we won't have her.  She is the best!
Jack facts:

  • weight 16.12 (but we estimate his cast to be about .6) up 10lbs since birth
  • 27.5 inches long  (tall like your parents)up 8.5in since birth
  • you roll everywhere 
  • crawl backwards
  • had your first surgery and went under anesthesia
  • had Bronchitis -caught it down in Philly 
  • you love apples, pears, and basically anything that is not green.  
  • you are in a big boy car seat because of your cast
  • you love ladies with grey hair
  • you will go to anyone
  • sleep anywhere
  • nuzzle in mommy's shoulder all the time
  • 2 teeth
  • will sit up using hand forward to support, the weight of your cast pulls you to the left and you roll

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Dog Bailey....

Bailey Pup RIP
 Camping in East Durham

At the camper

Loved driving in the car like this

This is my mean face

sleeping with his brother

watching TV and starring at the deer... Tim made him watch hunting videos

Brothers.  My sweet babies

Saturday, November 20, 2010

our friend

Our dear friend Mike was buried with his dog this week.  The same dog he risked and then gave his life to save.  The true meaning of a dog is a man's best friend.  Everyone is dealing and grieving in their own way.  Always hug your loved ones.  Live everyday to its fullest.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When life is not fair...

When life is not fair what do you do?  My family and I have had a rough 2 1/2 weeks, and I am wondering why everything has been thrown at us.  Why?!   Between Tim spending 6 days in the hospital and then going to Philly for Jack's surgery and receiving a call that a close friend to the family was hit by a train and killed at 23 years old.  Pardon my french but what the f*ck?!  Did we not have enough on our plate already?  Why take a 23rd year old?  I can't help but to lose some faith when stuff like this happens.   I give to tons of charities and causes.  My parents did an amazing thing of adoption, my mother-in-law works with sick babies.  Why us always then? Why everything at once?

I still pray that Eric will be able to cope after losing his best friend.  Our family will be a friend short from now on, but heaven has gained another angel.   I still wonder why God works the way he does.  Why he takes the people in the order he does.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hello Readers

In 1.5 days over 100 views!
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Thanks folks!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Nemo

Jack is my little Nemo.  At 5 1/2 months and 3 surgeons later we have a date set for Jack's hand surgery.  He was born with fused fingers and 2 webbed fingers.  No cause other than we won the "hand lottery".  We were shocked, surprised but as any parents made a game plan and working on the solution.  He has syndactyly and webbing.  His thumb is webbed to his pointer, his pointer is fused with middle and ring is webbed to middle.  Also his pointer/middle that are fused are also missing bones (aplasia).  Some of the bones are shorter also.  His hand needs a lot of work, but with surgeries and therapies it will be better.

We were accepted into Shriner's Children's Hospital of Philly and will be there for the first separation surgery November 15th (Monday).  It is very nerve wrecking as a parent for my then 6 month old to go under anesthesia for 1.5 hours.   I know it will be fine and my mom is coming down to Philly with me since only one parent can spend night, that will be Tim and we will stay nearby in a hotel.

What else do we know?  It was not ABS (amniotic band syndrome) or genetic.  It happens more in boys, usually more common in feet.  The missing bones is rarer, we were the lucky ones.  I will keep everyone updated as we learn more.   Thanks everyone for their thoughts this far.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Jack had his first Halloween and was Nemo!  We went to the mall on Sunday to walk around and see the other kids and then went to a few of his Grandma's friends' houses to show off his costume.  He went to visit his other grandparents and great-grandparents.  He was a busy little fish.   We slept over my parents house since I had work early and my mom brought him to his favorite babysitter Tracy!  I can't wait for next year when he is more aware of his costume and the day.


Tim went into the hospital on Thursday because he wasn't feeling well. His neck hurt, his head was pounding and he was pulling over on the side of the road sick on his way to work.  As of Monday night he is still in the hospital with no reasons to what happened and what is going on.  He had has cat scans, MRI, spinal tap and many other blood tests- everything is coming back normal.   We are hoping for results soon and for him to get out before the weekend.  We have traveling on Sunday for Jack to be in Philly (more on that soon).
Thanks for all the calls, texts, thoughts and prayers!  XOXO

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Holidays with Shutterfly

Every year I use Shutterfly for my holiday cards.  Some years I have done different designs using same pictures, doggies always included.  This year Jack is here and I of course will be making his debut on our cards.  I love the Celebrate Family Christmas Card.  As those close to me know I love Shutterfly prints, BOOKS!!!  I have over 20 now and a few more on the way soon!  If you want to see the latest and greatest cards and products check out:
Christmas Photocards
Stationary cards as gifts

With Christmas coming up their photo gifts are perfect too!  Mugs with the kids on them, puzzles, and a calendar which at the end of the year makes great framed prints.  I have never gotten a complaint about the quality, that is for sure.  Oh and fun fact: if you call and choose the pirate option to hear everything by a talking pirate.  Loved that!

If you would also like 50 free cards you can go here and get your own!