Monday, May 30, 2011

jack's 2nd surgery

So Jack is back in a cast for 3 weeks.  He has a sling type thing too for when he is walking so it doesn't just hang.  RECAP:
We got to the hospital at 6:15am Friday morning, he was in Pre-Op from 6:45-7:25am when they carried him away from us.  He was a happy boy flirting and showing off for the nurses including climbing out of the crib.
From 7:30-10:30am I was losing my mind with worry. Last time it was short by 7:30-9am then I saw him, today at 10 I called and he still wasn't done.  At 10:30 we got to see him and he was miserable, crying and coughing, shaking and beat red.  I burst into tears, last time he woke up laughing and smiling, none of what I saw today.
The nurses understood since they saw him this morning, he did grab his sippy cup and down some water as soon as I pulled it out.  Apparently they intubated him this time also which is why he was coughing and hoarse.  He sounded like a barking seal.
He was miserable all morning, and not himself until about 4pm when even though he had all his machines on, I let his feet touch the floor and he took off laughing.  He ate a thing of fruit and started smiling, my nerves finally stopped.   He began walking all over the hospital and making friends.
We were discharged after 6pm (a surprise as we were told we'd be staying the night there).  So back to Ronald McDonald house we went.  We had dinner and Jack made more friends with a boy from Rockland with family in Carmel, SMALL WORLD!   So we are stayed there for the night, and left early morning for the zoo and drove home a whole day early. 
We'll be back in 3 weeks for cast removal, hopefully Jack is a champ like last time.    
What a day for us, I truly hope no one has to see their child they way I saw mine today, it is heartbreaking.  THANK YOU for all the well wishes!

12 Months

Better late then never right?

Stats: 20lbs 6 oz (skinny) & 31 inches (tall)  -a copy of his parents


  • WALKER!  up to 5 steps before his birthday and full on walking after chasing his older friends around Chuck E Cheese 5/19 he just walks/runs everywhere
  • CLIMBER- Into his Cozy Coupe not using the door.  Up his slide.  Onto the couch, into his car walker.  OUT OF THE BATHTUB!  Up and over the side of the tub.  Up int he stroller, shopping cart (even though he is buckled and strapped in).  Again a copy of his mother who would get out of car seats at less than a year old.
  • EATER- He loves pizza, pasta, pancakes, eggs, ice cream, cake, chicken, hotdogs, fruit, veggies. (Daddy spoils him every weekend with pancakes and eggs just for him)
  • DRINKER- We are using Munchkin sippy cups with handles for now (easier for cast  too) drinks water and formula from them no problem.  Staring Whole Milk soon, it is in my fridge now
  • TALKER- He SCREAMS for kids when he sees them, babbles at the dog and says "dada, Sh!t (for sit), doggie"  and shakes his head for nonono which I think is the funniest thing ever.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jack's First Birthday Photos...

Just some of the many pictures taken on May 14th for Jack's 1st Birthday!!

pregnancy is flying by..

I can't believe I am 25 weeks pregnant at this point.  Only 14 weeks left before Charlotte arrives!  I just went through my belly picture collection and I need to take more, I have been so preoccupied with Jack's birthday party and working that I was a slacker.

I also started Physical Therapy last week and it is awesome, I pinched a nerve in my back and now go for heating, stretching, massaging, ice.  I look forward to the 45minutes 3x a week now.

Charlotte is a dancer, much like Jack was, she loves to move around late in the evening.  I am still sleeping through the night, I readjust but barely wake up, I just know from when I do wake I am looking a different way.  I have started to buy things for her but have little room, so I am really just condensing Jack's stuff and making room for Charlotte.  Then project rearrange room and add neutral touches is on.

Last week we also had our 3D ultrasound and looked at the hands and feet and everything looks good.  As we know nothing is guaranteed but it does look all good, which is a relief.  We will continue to monitor of course but she is great and still a SHE! lol

I have gone and started to collect coupons for Charlotte (extreme baby couponing) by registering at Target, BRU and Buy Buy Baby, to get the gift packs filled with stuff (bottles, shutterfly gift cards, diapers, formula) and for the completion coupons once she is here since we need a small crib, clothing among other things.  I just put up in the attic the baby bathtub, walker, jumperoo, and another bin of small clothing from Jack.
I think that updates for now!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5x7 Folded Card

Picture In Landscape 5x7 folded card
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Party Prep

1 week to go until Jack's 1st birthday!  Over 160 people were invited, yes we are nuts.  House cleaning is in over load, finishing projects we need done and throwing out clutter.  Lats party (The Baptism) we finished a kitchen reno just days prior.  We will get everything done I am sure in time just this time I am working the 5 days prior and have school at night one of those days.  More of a rush.
We are having an Owl themed party " Look Whooooo's One!"  I finished getting the paper products today which was good, Jack and I ran out early this morning for that.

I also can't believe in 1 week he will be one, I get his pictures on Friday from JCPenney and they are so cute, they are printing one of them for the store and entering it in a contest too apparently.  I love my Gerber baby for sure.