Wednesday, July 27, 2011

30 days.

Her name has been painted, just needs to be hung out.  Wall decor was designed, painted and hung up too! The rainy day this week provided much time to just work on the nursery.  Jack has been learning new things daily- new obsession: opening doors, especially the front door and walking out.  Deadbolt is now on at all times.  Bath time is fun, he loves turning on the water and standing there playing, or sitting and running his hands through the cold water.  When I set up the bath he likes to stand there and throw in his toys, when he is finished with his bath he lets me know by dropping all the toys into the basket.  Already a helper.

Physical therapy has been helping, between by back and my pelvis, I don't know what hurts more.  Last weekend the therapist popped it back into place, OUCH!  I do enjoy the massages, heat and time alone to read my Nook, lately it is my only time of rest, Jack's naps consist of cleaning up his mess or getting a few things done quickly.  Heartburn has set in too, but at least with less than 5 weeks left I can deal.  Last time I had it for over 10 weeks, it sucked.  Monday we have a growth ultrasound and Tuesday my regular doctor appointment, I am looking forward to seeing the baby.

Just realized that not only with Charlotte will be here in 1 month but GRAD SCHOOL starts again in 1 month.  I still haven't decided if I am going to take all 4 classes or drop the Monday and only go to the 3 Tuesday & Wednesday.  No matter what it is going to be a lot, much also depends on childcare.  Tim is never home since his construction job keeps him running all over when he is not at the firehouse.  It is stressful because he is not home, but it pays off that I can stay home with the kids right now.  Plans for now is I will be home through Christmas and look for a job after.

Overall life is busy but great, hectic but when isn't it, and we wouldn't change it!

Friday, July 22, 2011

34 weeks down 35 days to go!

My 35/35 is different because of the schedule cesarean at 39 weeks (normally it is 35/35).  I am excited for sure, but slightly overwhelmed at the thought still.  I am working on the nursery nonstop, it is coming together, and now it is going through clothes,  Jack had tons and well Charlotte has even more!  They will be sharing dressers/armoire, so I had to get a tension rod to use for C's clothing, and I bought her pink hangers.  I bought new drawer organizers too, it will all work I jut can't keep out more then the current size clothing anymore, bins are my best friend.

I changed the bedding AGAIN, but I like this one, it goes with the theme and it is set up.

I am not buying everything that matches though.  So far the 4 piece bedding set is what I have.  I do like wall art, hamper, blanket, basket.  I think I am going to reuse Jack's mobile because for the cost we didn't use it much or I will use the plastic part and put my own animals on it.  I have the letters of her name, now that I have bedding I can finally make them.  Remember 35 days left!

I also have a list of things for the house that need to be done and only have 35 days left to get completed.  If it weren't so hot outside I could start on some of it (sanding and painting of accent furniture pieces).  New hanging bars for my new Starbucks mugs in the kitchen (which reminds me I still have to find 5 missing ones from the move- parents' house or my attic).  A bookcase I bought the kids for their bedroom needs finishing, and the basement stairwell needs to be finished.
 All this aside from the normal household chores.  
Just wanted to update!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

14 Months.

Little man is 14 months old today.  He gets more active and daring every day.

He climbs on EVERYTHING! Tables, chairs, couches, beds.  The other night he wanted the chicken we had on the table ready for carving and he pushed himself up on the chair to get to the chicken- he succeeded!

RUNS- faster and faster each day (maybe he will do track and cross country like me!)

Dancing/Sings- Loves music, the bopping to and singing along (babababhahahahlalala), newest favorite Itsy Bitsy Spider

FOODS- Mac & Cheese is our new love!

Imagination- Each day we are more creative- currently we love our veggies and fruits I got from Ikea and use them with the FisherPrice Laugh and Learn Kitchen.  (next step is to custom build him a kitchen with plans I found on the internet)

He loves his family.  Whenever we visit Grandma at work, he runs in the door, locks eyes with her and runs to give her a hug.  It is so cute!

We went for Early Intervention Evaluation for his hand and Occupational Therapy (fine motor) on Wednesday, he tested out of it.  Academically he also tested above kids his age with problem solving and directions.  There is no denying he understand what we say and what goes on around him.  Our health insurance doesn't cover OT so our next step is to find someone who can get him a splint or we will be heading back down to Philly for some OT and splints.   Also to get him reevaluated in 6 months when the test changes a bit for certain sections and he could qualify then.

Overall Jack and I love being home together (except when he doesn't get his way) and I am excited for how he will be when Charlotte gets here.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

hate to admit...

I have been a bad blogger.  Since vacation Jack and I have been running around to see people, make play dates and go to library times.  Also with the heat and the last weeks of pregnancy I have been feeling an awful amount of pressure and pains that I just pay down/pass out for naps often.  Which is tough when Jack doesn't stop running, climbing, eating, and just plan moving lately.  He is one busy and active 14 month old.  And like I said with the heat we have been outside but not for too long because neither of us can handle it.

As for Charlotte she will be here in 6.5weeks unless she surprises us earlier (please don't!).  We have gotten her crib:

I am still hunting for bedding that I love but incase that is not possible because what I do love is super expensive, I bought a Ladybug set at BuyBuyBaby over the weekend.  Again I am not inlove but I need something and apparently there is a big difference between "mini crib" and "regular crib" size as the crazy man with the cane yelled at us about.  (Oh and after talking with several other moms about the store and department they knew exactly who the man was...CREEPY!)

So in the next 6 weeks we must set up crib, rearrange room and get ready.  I need some diapers, and bottles and I should be good otherwise since everything else we used we still have.
I promise to post again soon.  Jack is 14 months on Thursday so that's the next post with pictures, plus I have to upload tons of pictures and share them soon.
Until next time...xoxox