Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Free Stuff for Parents and Kids

I am always interested in stuff for the babies and for myself.  Here are some things you can sign up for, or save up for (keep UPCs), and do:

  • Beech-Nut Rewardssign up here Sign up for emails with coupons.  Print form to get coupons after sending in UPC labels
  • Earth's BestCOUPONSUPC Offers (my personal favorite because Jack loved their food and we have gotten free books and bowls already)
  • GERBERREGISTER HERE Sign up for free samples, checks towards formula and FOODS/SNACKS (great for stacking up with store coupons)
  • Pampers Rewards: enter reward codes collect Pampers codes via Pampers on Facebook or twitter or searching for free codes + buying pampers diapers and wipes and putting in codes and redeeming them for cool stuff (I have gotten 2 strollers and bike so far)
  • SWAGBUCKS: See button on left.  Download browser and use it to search the internet and earn free points.  450 points (takes 2-3weeks of searching) = $5 Amazon giftcard  do games, polls, other things and earn faster!
  • RECYCLE BANKsign up here  take surveys, answer questions and redeem codes.  Earn points for free stuff!  Takes minutes a day to earn free stuff.  Points add up quickly, I promise!
  • VOCALPOINT: sign up  Check often for Try& Tells - you receive FULL SIZE samples of products and post a review (not mandatory though)  with sample are tons of coupons for your friends and family-(I been a member for 2 months and have gotten 4 full size samples so far)
  • FACEBOOK:  Many companies do giveaways, post coupons, and have samples through their facebook page.  Become a fan/like them  and you will be eligible for these things
  • Resturant.comsign up receive email promotions for up to 90% off gift certificates for great eateries.  Order, print, redeem (most aren't valid on weekends but make for cheap weekday outings)
As more come up that I think are good enough to share I will.  Coupon Karen here, over and out!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rest of the Charlotte Belly Pictures

Final Baby Stats:
Final weight: 171lbs (34lb gain)
Belly Width: 42 inches around
28 weeks

29 weeks 
30 weeks

32 weeks

34 weeks

35 weeks

36 weeks

37 weeks

38 weeks
39 weeks

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Before a baby comes there is a period of Nesting for most.  Well Tim and I both seem to be nesting, but in different ways.  He needs to complete his projects in 6 days or now 5 days- which means 4 since the 5th I am having this baby.

Our basement had a leak, so the walls were ripped out, sheet rock replaced and then it sat.  It also sat on my nerves.  Yes he works 2 jobs and works 80 hours a week but I want my house complete!! So while waiting/nagging him about it we did get paint and I went through some of the things from under the staircase and managed to purge 1 filing cabinet, 2 dog stuff organizers and shoes.  So once it is sanded and painted only 1 filing cabinet and gun cabinet will go back under and there will be more room, maybe a shoe bin from upstairs can be moved downstairs.  I also am having him add another shelf above the one we have in the stairwell for things we don't use as much and then I can put stuff I do use on the one we have that is easier to reach.

While the stairwell project is going on we decided to finally finish our gutters- which were ripped off in APRIL! He had redone all the other parts to prep for the new gutters but then his business picked up (read never home) and it got pushed aside.  So last weekend knowing gutters were coming this week (Brother's Gutters who are AWESOME did them), we had to put in new drainage.  So Tim ripped up the yard for all new drainage pipes, I am grateful he is handy because everything would cost a whole lot more if we had to hire out.  So that was last weekends project. COMPLETED just need grass to grow back. By the way most interesting to come out of the yard work an old BURIED Washing Machine was in our backyard, who does that?!!?!!

PATIO:  Though I love decks, we just don't have the space for one or want to deal with process of getting a town permit for one since our lot is on the smaller side. So we have discussed a patio, well Tim decided Friday we need one and he was going to do it on FRIDAY!  I pull in from shopping to a pile of rock/concrete in my driveway and him spreading it our back.  So we is putting pavers down like a jigsaw he is making himself, talented yes, time consuming yes, and spontaneous! 4 days, just 4 days!!  The dog also got a spot in the back yard for his kennel to FINALLY be installed.   I am looking forward to it, we will put a fire pit also, a nice place to sit and watch Jack play out back.

The garage was ripped apart, reorganized, bleached in 2 days.

Kitchen:  I finally order window treatments for the 2 windows, I went to JCPenney and ordered made to fit pull down shades, I can't find curtain sets I like, and not wanting to spend a ton of money since my attitude is 2 more years.  They come in next week and will be up for more privacy.  We still need a new door, and either a light or shelf above the sink window to finish everything off.

NURSERY:   I also ordered curtains for the kids room today, thermal and blackout ones.  What we have works but midday it is still on the light side.  I have been waiting them but haven't found anything I really like until wandering into JCP and seeing a major sale + coupons.  I also bought the matching valance for Charlotte's bedding which will be put up this week, so they each have their "own window" essentially now.

Living room: mission of finding a rug for it and eventually I want different curtains/treatments for the windows

PLAYROOM/TV ROOM:  We are planning on getting rid of the couches in our basement and buying 1 leather couch.  Then turning the room into the playroom for Jack and Charlotte, the toys are taking over the upstairs and I want my living room back.  So we will buy shelving/organizers for the toys and have everything down there.  That way we have more room for them to play and less mess upstairs.

As you can see we are nesting.  We have deadline of 4 days for some and a work in progress for the other items.

  • finish stairwell
  • shelf in stairwell
  • drainage for gutters
  • gutters
  • patio
  • kennel put up
  • garage
  • kitchen shades
  • kitchen door
  • kitchen shelf/light
  • nursery curtains & valance
  • living room rug
  • playroom

New Jack pictures!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

15 Months & 12 Days Left

Jack is 15 Months today.  I really cannot believe how quick it has gone, last year we had his Baptism on 8/15, even that is a year now.  WOW

  • He went for his check up Friday and is 32.5inches, and 20lb12oz.  Super skinny boy (fat baby slim we call him).
  • He loves to clap and dance to music.
  • He gives Hi-Fives to everyone
  • He will grab your hand and bring you to the door, stairs, bed- whatever he wants and only if he needs you because he will usually climb on everything himself or open the doors
  • He  rubs his belly when you say "rub your belly" and its the cutest thing, especially when he has no shirt on
  • He walks his dogs and says sit while pointing at them and says do-do for dog dog
  • Loves to open the front door then sit and wave at cars driving by
  • loves putting my straws in my Starbucks cups (I have him trained well!)
  • Loves watching Daddy outside and will sit in his Car for hours playing, pushing his lawn mower around and amazed by bubbles
  • Loves to fall onto our bed, dog bed, a bunch of pillows on ground.  Anything soft he loves
  • Starting to eat people meat finger foods, but struggling with them, he would rather drop them on the floor  So we are not doing any snacks to try and make him hungry enough to eat meat, chicken, turkey- anything with protein (very unlike his parents in this area)
We went to the Children's Museum on Manhattan today with my parents and sister, Jack is very entertaining.  He loves wheels and steering wheels.  He kept running from us and going across the place to a bus that he could steer, went up an enclosed staircase and down a slide in the Curious George exhibit, he is always surprising us.  I cannot wait to see him and Charlotte, only 12 days left!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Some of my recent favorites

I am ready for the party

Thinks he is so much older then 14 months. 

Getting Kissed!

With daddy at the BBQ for his job

less than 20!

August is here, heck we are a week into August already and in the teens for countdown until Charlotte is here.  I have started packing up the hospital bag with my stuff and stuff for her.  I have organized as much as I can so far, and this weekend gave the house a deep clean which I will just upkeep until I can do another post baby.  Now once the basement gets redone we will move toys down there, and take out her swing and bouncer to play with.

I have my next doctor appointment tomorrow for 37 weeks, while comparing Jack's stats and Charlotte's stats my weight is less now but belly width is the same.  I feel smaller but in reality I am not.  I have been feeling some contractions but nothing time-able yet so most likely Braxton Hicks.

I am working on packing Jack's bag for while we are at the hospital.  He will be with his grandparents going back and forth a few days.  Next up finding a babysitter for while I am in grad school 2 days a week and a mother's helper 1 day a week to entertain Jack while I am caring for the baby.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Shared Bedroom Pictures

Since we only have 2 bedroom the babies will share a room.  Not my ideal dream but it is only until we buy another house (2013 which is not too far away).  With that said, I stuck with Jack's going theme, woodland animals and went with it, NOT easy, but after much hemming and hawing I settled on the Organic Willow Bedding set with deer.  I really love the choice now and very happy with how it all came out.  *the only thing I have to get is the valance to go on the window next to Charlotte's crib that matches her set*

Nursery Projects

Starting with her name.  I wound up darkening 3 of the brown letters, he first coat was too light.

Next was the mirror.  I had a mirror above Jack's changer which he loved to see himself in (I moved it next to his crib and low so he can see himself in it when he stands now.

Next were the Canvas prints, I bought 3 plain 5x7 pieces from Michaels.  I painted them myself, basically messing around with paints.  I used left over stickers from Jack's nursery set (Enchanted Hollow by Eddie Bauer).

Put it all together and what do you get?!
Lastly, a bookcase I also bought at Michael's for all the books Jack and Charlotte have.  Originally they were in a 8cube organizer but I needed to buy and use more baskets for that which met no space for the books.  I painted it a dark brown and once again used more stickers from Jack's set to decorate the sides.