Friday, September 30, 2011

September Pictures

I can reach her

Looking for Turkeys

Charlotte's Shutterfly book

I realized that I have posted no pictures on here since Charlotte was born, I have taken hundred though.  This is one of the Shutterfly Books I made:

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multitasking/managing 2 babies/updates

A few updates and rambles, post is all over the place... much like us lately.

Two babies= multitasking at its finest.  Holding Ms. Charlotte and feeding her using my chin to keep bottle in her mouth while grabbing breakfast for Jack.  That scene happiest daily, only thing missing the crying of one of them.  Still we manage to get out of the house, all 3 (or 4 sometimes) within an hour in the morning.

How?  Not really sure, but to help the process, breakfast is routine for Jack- bowl of oatmeal, thing of yogurt and a cereal bar.  He's a piggy in the morning, and if you forget the cereal bar he yells, tries climbing the dishwasher to get onto the counter to get one himself.  I also pack the diaper bag the night before, restock diapers, formula and snacks.  Routine has helped us.  The double stroller has also been a major help.

We love going to the mall because we are able to walk around, Jack goes on the rides and loves throwing pennies into the fountain.  We have had so much rain this has been the easiest place to go to.

I have to go food shopping at night, run errands quickly when Tim is home before work so I don't have to take kids out, otherwise a 5 minute drink from Starbucks is 20 minutes door to door.   Our playroom is almost complete, then we will regain our living room space, my goal is no toys in there, only downstairs and their room.  I have been purging the closets and have begun to go through Jack's clothing bins to get rid of things (donation, garbage and friends) and keep only a few outfits.  I am starting from the get-go with Charlotte's clothing as she outgrows, so I don't wind up with 8+ bins of clothing only up to 12 months.  I also am labeling everything better to with custom labels I bought for the kids and family from  Everything needs a place and I have no extra space for things I am not going to use.

I got a new SUV!!!  2009 Honda Pilot, I am sooo excited.  We had been looking and I looked at a ton of cars and test drove many also.   Finally the right Pilot came along, right price with right things inside.  It has 3 rows, seats 8 with 4 car seat hookups.  My stroller fits inside too which was super important because with the Ram nothing fit inside when I had 2 seats and when it rained I couldn't go anywhere.  HUGE issue since winter is on its way with snow.  I am in LOVE with it.

Jack and Charlotte make me happy and smile everyday.  Jack cracks up when he sees her, kisses her and puts his head on her for kisses.  He wants to be the one to put the bottle in her mouth but then walks away.  He also likes to "plug her" with the pacifier which is equally adorable.

1 Month!

Charlotte is 1 month.  

  • We have already had a hospital stay, a urology appointment, and check up.
  • weighed in at 8lb 4oz  (up from birth and her drop when we were in hospital)
  • 20 3/4inches.  up 1 inch also
  • off all medicine
  • drinking 3-4oz a feeding- 4 hour schedule

Her VCUG test for kidney reflux mid-October and follow up for reading of test results beginning of November.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

jack bigbrother announcement

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It's hard to believe she is here already and Jack was this small 6.5 months ago.  I used this car for some family members and to keep   in the baby books.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Update: Charlotte's Hospital Stay

So we are still in hospital. Most likely staying until Tuesday morning awaiting more test results. (2nd urine culture was taken today before antibiotics were given). She has not had a fever at all though so we have been abele to avoid a spinal tap but the minute one of her checks shows fever she is getting one.

As of now she is on Zantac for acid reflux. This was the first thing they thought she had,and since starting that she has been fine, 1 small bout of vomit but fine since yesterday at 3:30pm. She is still on Similac Advance and they do not think it has anything to do with formula or milk. Which is a good.

Friday night in the ER the pediatrician took a urine sample from the catheter, well the culture came up positive so this morning she had come in and said we'd be discharged and 1 hour later she came back and said no the results came back positive. We were so upset. Next step: Ultrasound. So she had an ultrasound of her kidneys and bladder before and after voiding, all looked good. 1 kidney is slightly smaller, but it could be due to infection. They are worried about Renial Reflux (where the urine goes back up to kidneys), my sister actually had this issue when she was younger (you can grow out of it with medication over time). We will be following up upon release with a ped-urologist to do dye testing on the urine and kidneys.

So our baby girl is still in NWH, she is eating every 3hours roughly 1.5ounces which is good intake. She is on an antibiotic and will go home on one also, currently it is being given through an IV along with fluids. Sadly I am on a first name basis with the nurses and doctors here. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the doctor overseeing Charlotte (she is the McDreamy to hospital for kids, as far as rank and how we described it to Tim lol), we have a huge room with regular bed and pullout for Tim or my mom, who has stayed with me a lot.

Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts and messages.

Charlotte's ER visit

So we came home on Tuesday from the hospital, on Wednesday she started vomiting, projectile after a few of her feedings.  Tim said it was because of her gas not not burping well (Jack was a horrible burper also, he loved passing gas though).  So I didn't worry, then Thursday it happened again, every 3rd feeding she vomited.  Again, we chalked it up to burping, and because it wasn't every feeding I took notes of date/time. Friday, AGAIN in the morning she vomited.  Jack had been pushing her swing so motion sickness?  She then took a nap and held down her 3pm feeding.
She was very sleepy on Friday and after her 3pm's feeding she slept until 8:15pm and didn't move around much, flinch, or anything so I started getting nervous.   At 8:15 Tim fed her and burped her.  Well she vomited again.  I finally flipped out and said I am calling the doctor.  She was too lethargic for us at this point also, when she is normal very awake.

Tim called his mom while I was on with the answering service (it was 9pm at this point).  His parents drove down, immediately upon walking in his mom said she was yellow, we did have some jaundice issues in the hospital, but to us we didn't see it because we has been with her so much.  She began spitting up bile too.  We decided while still waiting for the doctor to call to head down to the hospital.  Dr called just as we were walking down and told us to take her down.  OFF we went.

ER- She was taken in immediately, at 7 days old she took ER priority.  We were seen within 10 minutes, and the ER doctor got the pediatrician to come down stat.  She was the one who took over from the nurses and did the blood work, she did the catheter and I went with Charlotte for the X-Rays.  Xrays came back clear, urine was sent out and flood work came back with elevated billirubin scores and she was admitted.  2am Tim and I were fast asleep in the room. She had been started on Pedialtye bottles through the night. 

Saturday- She began Zantac for reflux treatment and restarted formula.  She had one bout of vomit at 3:30pm and none after.  Onto Sunday.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Charlotte's Birth Story.. SHE'S HERE

I had a scheduled c-section Friday 8/26 at 9:30am. Since we had to be at the hospital by 7:30am, we dropped Jack at my parents the night before so the morning would be less stressful. I checked in, was monitored, IV in and waited for an hour. The wait felt like an eternity.  I asked my Dr who will be assisting her, and she replied Dr. XXX but you wouldn't know her she is with a different practice. Turns out I did, she is a mom from my mom's group through the hospital and my facebook friend. My Dr was cracking up, DH rolled his eyes and I felt more at ease knowing both doctors who would be performing the surgery. When she walked into the OR she was laughing. And then it started...
I got the spinal block, I hate needles but did alright with it, still holding the nurse tightly. Surgery went well, I felt a little sick during but it held off.  I was so anxious to see her and be told she has 10 fingers/10 toes after everything last time with Jack.
9:49am Charlotte Olivia was born at 7lbs 1 oz 19 3/4 inches. When they announced the weight my Dr did a double take, as did my DH and I since we were expecting a small baby again. My son was 6lb3oz even though we were told 7lbs, and at the growth ultrasound for C we were told 6.5lbs tops, so we figured high 5s. Also I only gained 34lbs this time unlike last which was 60. She also has dark hair where Jack was bald and now platinum blond.
I got staples this time since the glue did not heal well last time, they cut out old scar tissue and stapled. So far so good, doesn't hurt but nervous for removal. I was sick Friday night a few times and didn't get my clear tray until late because of it. My nurses have been the awesome. My night nurse tonight and last is the head of the moms group so I know her well, plus she is one who referred us to hand specialist at Montefiore who got us accepted at Shriner's . Charlotte's nurses have been great, and 1 was Jack's nurse. She got to see Jack too and was kissing him all over. She went above and beyond last year with him and us.
I am rotating Perks and Motrin now that Toradol is done with (only first 24hrs). I am up and dressed, walking nonstop since 10pm Friday. More walking the better I feel. I am here until Tuesday which is fine, we have no power at our house since last night. I have no cable TV at hospital due to storm, but have watched veery newborn special on the checklist they give you at least 2x.  I finally got my computer tonight to watch TV and use the internet and save myself from the boredom when Charlotte sleeps.  
Charlotte is sleeping a lot, taking a bottle every 3.5-4 hours and up to 2oz a feeding. Jack thinks she is funny and pokes her.
(written Sunday 8/28)