Thursday, November 24, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude part 4

11/21: The internet.  Without I would not be able to talk to friends and family.  Blog about my family, shop and entertain.

11/22: Playdates: they wear Jack out and make bedtimes easier.

11/23: Doctors... this past year has been full of them.  We have new ones, old ones and all sorts of specialities.  I am thanking them for watching us.

11/24: Both of our extended families for making Thanksgiving a great holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude Part 3

11/15: Shriner's Children's Hospital for the care and help with Jack.

11/16: Ronald McDonald Houses.  The services they provide are amazing, please donate at McDonalds when they ask you to.  I donate every time.

11/17: My mother.  She helps me with the kids, she helps me with me, she is my rock.  I don't know what I would do without her.

11/18: The microwave, yes I know your thinking huh?  I prepare a ton of my meals in it, warm drinks, etc. Oh how I would be lost without you.

11/19: My car.  My family and I beat you up.  Drop crumbs, make your go long distances,  heck we average 700 miles a week lately.  Without you we wouldn't get to the places we needed or wanted to go to.  Thank you for be reliable and having the room for all of us.

11/20:  Sprout Channel:  You keep my son occupied and his attention with your TV shows.  He loves Chica and Star at night.  As well at Thomas, Barney and Fireman Sam.

Friday, November 18, 2011


This was this year's Christmas card.  As you can see if you look at the pictures of Jack in red. His head was bumped not 1 time but 2.  

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jack's 18 month appointment

Mr. Jack is 22lbs and 33 inches tall as of 11/7/11

I know I always say it but he is active!

  • At library he runs around and climbs and stands on all the chairs, while all the other kids sit with their moms.
  • He climbs on all the couches and uses them to reach light switches, phones (he answers house phone if it rings and he gets to it in time)
  • He is a climber and climbs on anything and everything
  • Goes down the slide at the mall all by himself- over and over.  He runs to the stairs, climbs them and then stands at top of slide, sits and goes down laughing
  • puts his legs in his pants by himself
  • gets his shoes and attempts to put his foot in them
  • loves Deer meat... won't eat normal meats kids have but shovels venison in his mouth at record speeds
  • loves the jets in the tub as well as being blow dried after his bath- can we talk about spoiled
  • Currently receiving OT 
  • Finally in 12-18 month pants but needs a belt
  • moving into size 4 diapers, we don't need to but I think its time because of age and peers
  • Loved Halloween this year and won a prize at an event we went to 
  • Had his 1st lollipop this month, although I am trying to avoid all candy

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude part 2

11/5:  Starbucks.. without you I would have bad headaches and be crabby more often;)

11/6: Julie- without her I would not be able to get to class each week because I would have no one to watch kids

11/7: DVR: to catch up on my shows after the kids are in bed

11/8:  I am thankful for not having to work currently and spending time with my children

11/9:  Coupons... As Coupon Karen- I have been able to save on somethings and therefore afford other items for my family

11/10:  Tim's coworkers... they all look out for each other and truly are a brotherhood

11/11: All the veterans and men/women serving our country now.  Especially Tim's grandfathers, uncle and Tim.  My friends's who currently have their husbands still serving and Tim's brother who is deployed currently.

11/12:  Tim being so handy.  I can pick a project and he can just do it.  He is very talented.

11/13: Fisher Price Swing.  It was great for Jack and now Charlotte.

11/14:  Activities to keep my family busy and always on the go.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tis the Season...

What are some of your Christmas gift ideas?  Things you have done in the past?
We have done photo gifts, gift cards, personalized ornaments, DVDs  This year I wanna do something theme related

How do you manage the holiday season, so you are not *so* stressed, a little stressed is normal?
Lists, I make lists for everything: cards, gifts, things to do

Black Friday shopping: Do you do it?
I go out every year by 6am, usually earlier since Kohl's opens at 4.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year?
We are planning on the parade, weather permitting with an 18 month old with my parents and dinner with Tim's
Eve: Tim's family
Day: My family

Charlotte's Urologist follow up

So we finally met with the urologist for Charlotte  (I hated the first one).  She has Stage 2 Renal Reflux (urine is going back up into kidneys from bladder).  She is on preventative antibiotic for 1 year with a probiotic every other day.  Also the Dr was surprised that I was never told her kidneys measured small during my ultrasounds.  They are still small, and statistically it is paired with High Blood Pressure in adult hood.  Something for her to look out for.  I am going to be asking my doctor about this when I see her next.
She will have another VCUG at 1 year and we will re-address the situation, as long as she doesn't have too many infections we are fine, otherwise surgery.  Also is she gets a high fever that doesn't seem to be tied to ears or runny nose we call doctor or after house go to hospital for urine test immediately.
They looked at ultrasounds for J had when he was born since he had a hand deformity (they checked his ears and kidneys -all develop at same time). His looked fine, Thank God or we would have had to book a VCUG for him and done preventative care also. 
At this point there are 2 ways this can go long term:
1) It can outgrow itself .  We carefully monitor and try to avoid infections, since a UTI will go right to her kidneys with the reflux and cause damage
2) An infection goes to her kidneys or she doesn't outgrow it = needs surgery to fix it.  We caught it early  so I am hoping to avoid this.  If we go, the surgeon/doctor is one of the best in the area Dr. Franco with PUA

*VCUG is when they put a cathedral into the bladder and inject dye into bladder and take xrays of the bladder and kidneys filling and voiding.  Not a pleasant thing to see be done on a 1 week old or 6 week old. *

Friday, November 4, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude for November

For November I am going to post my gratitude.  I will do it every couple of days because getting no everyday is not always guaranteed.

Novemeber 1:  My family,  my family has been my rock or over 26 years now.  They have put up with my BS (because they have to) and gotten me through some rough times and have helped me celebrate important times too.  I Love You!

11/2: My Husband.  TY for you for everything.

11/3: My children.  I don't know what I would do without you.  Everyday Jack makes me laugh, and Charlotte is my baby girl.

11/4: My friends, some old and some new, they are all a great support to me.  However we met, school, work, online, or through others I truly don't know how I would get through things without them.  TY!