Wednesday, March 28, 2012

7 Months

Sibling Rivalry has begun, I thought I would have more time before it started.  Today they fought over a cereal bar in the shopping cart at Stop and Shop.  They were sitting in the Cozy Coupe 2 seater car, again I can't believe she is big enough for that already either.  Jack had one and well Charlotte wanted it, so the hair pulling and ear yanking began. Yup, my 7 month attacked my 22 month old.  I know, its not hard to believe if you knew me when I was young.

other milestones:

  • STTN 8:30-9pm until 9am, if not later
  • naps 2 times a day or if driving in car seat
  • goes from tummy to sitting position all by herself
  • gets on all fours, rocks on all fours
  • holds herself up on hands and toes (like a bridge, no knees on floor)
  • grabs for finger foods
  • holds bottles herself (oh so nice!!!)
  • TOOTH! She has 1 bottom tooth in, teething phase has begun and awful
  • wears 6-9 months clothes.  roughly 17lbs by now (no appts until May)
  • bath time with Jack, she sits and splashes water on him
  • uses walker to get around 1st floor.  She moves forward and backward
  • "cage" will be up by next month for her
She babbles, coos and screams to get your attention and holds onto whoever holds her.  Boy is she ticklish 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Month 2 project 365

February's Professional Photos

Jack and Charlotte at 21 months and 6 months photos:

6 Months

Charlotte is now 6 months.

  • crawls backwards
  • rolls both ways
  • sleeps on belly
  • starting to try and crawl forward (rocking on all 4s)
  • 16lbs 5 oz- 58%tile
  • 26 3/4 inches- 77%tile
  • Head 17inches- 69%tile
  • sits in the regular part of stroller looking at everyone when shopping
  • sits in high chair
  • has had Squash, Peas and Green Beans now
  • uses the Swings at Jack's gym class and plays in the ball pit 
  • sits on her own for long periods of time watching things

5 months.

Charlotte is growing FAST.  I feel like she surpasses Jack more and more every day.

  • She is in size 2 diapers, but busting out
  • Rolls both ways
  • loves her jumperoo
  • wakes up most nights for 1 feeding while in bassinet but sleeps through the night in crib
  • swearing 6 month clothing now and size 1 shoes
  • cracks up at Jack.  
  • if you smile at her she cracks up, it is very easy to make her laugh
  • has had Rice and Oatmeal

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Picture Update

Although I still need to update, here are a bunch of pictures taken in the past 2 months of the kiddies.  I love these kids, and hope you enjoy these pictures:)  I know I said I wouldn't fall behind blogging but between the 2 of them, school and keeping up on the house (Jack is able to destroy so quickly), I never have time.  2 more months of school work until break which also means 2 more months until Jack is 2!!! 
We are in birthday planning mode already.  We booked his gym place, and now I am going to be making the invites and everything else.  With life being so crazy and busy lately it will be here before we know it.

Jack and Charlotte at gym class
Ride at mall, I squeezed in
Much needed Girl's Night away at Foxwoods
Snuggle bunnies
Watching a puppet show at the Children's Museum...newest favorite of my kids
Watching Lady and the Tramp with his 2 dogs on his special chair
Little Miss Charlotte
play time at the park
waiting for Jack's haircut appointment
Silly Jack loves jumping on our bed
look no help swimming