Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Honest Company

Recently in one of my magazines I saw an ad for Honest Company , as a fan of Jessica Alba I decided to check it out.  The site offers a sample pack of diapers and of the household products.  Shipping on this sample is $4.95, not bad I thought.  You have 7 days from receiving to cancel your membership otherwise diapers and household cleaning products and for both of those its roughly $75 a month.   I am excited on trying all of these products.   The washes smell very good, and diapers are adorable.  Everything is Earth friendly, nontoxic, and made from plant materials.

I encourage my fellow mommies to try them, $5 doesn't hurt and calling and canceling took no time at all, and maybe you will stick with it and have everything home delivered.   Free Trial INFO HERE.

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Bluum Boxes

A while back from a party by House Party I received gift cards for PlumDistrict to try the company out, and give to friends.  PlumDistrict is like Living Social and Groupon but for Moms.  Bluum was one of the services that the website was offering. It is a monthly mail order service that sends samples to the parents for both your baby and you.  Through Bluum and with the gift card I paid $8 for  3 months of boxes.  I will NOT be renewing, as I found most of the items were things I wouldn't buy myself and without the deal, monthly boxes are more expensive.  The items I received are photographed above.

***Prices are $12 a month or $33 for 3 months of packages.  You can also sign up people and have them receive the boxes as gifts.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Welcome to the Farm

I wanted ducks. So for weeks I stalked Tractor Supply during their "chick days" to have ducks, when they finally did- only 3 were left.  I raced over to the Tractor Supply in Patterson with Tim and the kids to buy our ducks.  We wound up 6 chickens and 3 ducks, 3 of those chickens are Rhode Island Reds and others are yellow.  We took them home on my birthday, Tim had a coop prepared already.  In almost 2 weeks they have already tripled in size.  The ducks are still my favorite, and the Reds are meanies, they beat on all the other ones in the coop.
So our farm has begun, hopefully when we move (we have been here 2 years already only one more year before we can sell!) we'll have more property and we can get more animals.  I want Jack to love animals, and get him into the 4H club but still enjoy the outdoors and learn to hunt and fish.  Everyday we have to go say hello to all the animals, he knows what sounds they make.  He loves visiting Fishie the Fish at my parents or Duke and Cupcake at Tim's parents. The all the birds and Copper here "dudu" as he calls him.


Picture pictures everywhere!!

I take a lot of pictures.  I know you know this already but I am trying to stay on top of it, deleting ones I have multiple of and keeping up with the printing, publishing and books.  It is a tough job.  I have been doing Photo 365.  Thankfully my iPhone makes this easy, double duty as a camera and app to put the pictures in for the day.  Then there is Shutterfly for my photo books, prints and the Project Life binder I bought before Jack was born but doing it for 2012. I have through March done, thanks to Saturday being childless for the day and was able to pour over 3 hours into it.

 Besides my own pictures I have an obsession with professional pictures at JCPenney and Picture People.  Tuesday, we (mom and I) stopped in since it looked empty at PP and they were, so we wound up getting a photo session done of the kids, in just what they were wearing.  Charlotte looked precious, and Jack his cool punk self in hot pink tshirt, jeans and converses.  We sure are a Converse family, I just got new ones and Char has purple ones when her feet get just a tad bigger.

I still need to make 2 year appointment and 9 month photos with the kids at JCP (still my place of choice).        Here are some of the recent pictures:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

23 Months.

In one more month I will have a 2 year old.  Seriously?!  Life needs to slow down.  We have been in the this house for 2 years now, our family grew by adding a sister.  I am done with 10 grad school classes and have 2 left for the Fall Semester.  All in 2 years.

Jack's personality has exploded!! He says 2-3 new words a day.  He is very active (to say it nicely), he is over 25lbs now, his height will be remeasured on the 11th of May.  His birthday party is booked, invites are out and the goody bags are 95% complete.

Our days consist of playing with Little People toys, sitting on his sister, taking baths (nightly, he asks!).  Mondays we have swim and play dates typically, Tuesdays we have library, Wednesdays and Thursdays are gym and Fridays are spent with Grandma spending time (after he sleeps over there).   We visit our new pets (ducks, chicks and hens) daily with dudu (Copper).  He loves being outside.

Morning routine has changed, he refuses to sit in high chair anymore, stool for Jack now.  He also must have cheerios and milk, quite the mess but cute.  Also he must have CHAI in a Starbucks mug- ONLY MILK, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him.  If we are at a Starbucks he ust have a cup of fruit, and cup of chai (milk).  It is sad that Jack says "chai" and "starbucks" and if he doesn't listen to me I can say "no starbucks!" and he immediately listens.  I created a monster.

SLEEP is still good, he is still in the crib (thankfully!) and Charlotte is in hers, I put them to bed TOGETHER by 8:30/9pm each night and they sleep well past 9am every morning.  They know I need my sleep and well I guess they love their sleep too.  In the morning when I hear them I knock on the door and Jack says "Hi", then I go in.  Charlotte is sitting up in her crib 9/10 times and I get Jack out of crib and then we get Char out.   He loves her and she idolizes him.  Although I cannot wait for the day she clocks him back.  He is so rough with her and she just takes it.  Count down to 2 begins.  If you see him ask him hold old he is, he'll say "two!"