Tuesday, June 19, 2012

23 things every parent should know..

I found this and thought it was very funny. so I have to share, especially for those friends expecting.
Huffington Post

1. The more time and effort put into decorating a nursery, the more likely that the baby will sleep in your room.
2. Things that don't wake a sleeping newborn: loud noises and bright lights. Things that do wake a sleeping newborn: sitting down to eat dinner.
3. Maybe they'll say it's the eyes. Maybe they'll say it's the mouth. Whatever it is, people will insist on telling you that your newborn looks like you. It's almost never true.
4. You may not want to cut your baby's nails because you are afraid of making her bleed. However, if you don't cut your baby's nails, she will probably scratch herself and, then, she'll bleed. So, why postpone the inevitable?
5. There is no greater thrill than the first time a baby calls out "mama" or "dada," even when it is directed toward the cat.
6. Sleeping a lot and eating a lot are traits highly cherished in babies. Unfortunately, neither are particularly admired in adults.
7. As a new parent, strangers will often approach you to ask, "Is she a good baby?" Surprise them by saying, "No, she's kind of an #$$hole."
8. You will discover that there must have been something very, very tricky about composing a melody for "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," The ABC's," and "Baa Baa Black Sheep."
9. From the moment you arrive home from the hospital, you will be asked if your baby sleeps through the night. Tell them you don't know. Tell them you spend most nights out clubbing.
10. Make sure you learn all the noises that farm animals make. Even though most people no longer live on farms, the sounds that sheep, pigs and cows make are priority number one when teaching your little one to talk.
11. If she is wearing a nice outfit, it is likely that your baby will poop.
12. If you are wearing a nice outfit, it is likely that your baby will poop.
13. Despite advances in science, no one has figured out how to diagnose a dirty diaper besides sniffing at it or peeking in it. When you're in public, learn to do this discreetly.
14. Never in your wildest dreams (or worst nightmares) did you ever imagine how much you would be talking about poop. Unless you work for a laxative company. If you work for a laxative company, you are probably already talking about poop a lot.
15. Strangers are friendly when you're with with a baby. That said, strangers are even friendlier when you're with a puppy.
16. One of the surprise perks of having a baby? When you're with one, you can talk to yourself out loud and people don't look at you like you're crazy.
17. Everyone tells you to "sleep when the baby's sleeping." It's good advice. But, remember, it's "sleep when the baby's sleeping... unless the baby fell asleep in the car and you're driving."
18. Don't beat yourself up over every little thing. Babies have really low expectations.
19. If you think you might be posting too many pictures on Facebook, you probably are.
20. No matter how much you love your child, naptime is never long enough.
21. When people come to visit in the first weeks after you come home from the hospital, remember they are there to see you and the baby. Remember they don't expect you or your house to look perfect. And remember, if you are talking anywhere near the baby monitor, there's a good chance they can hear you.
22. The secret to being a good parent? There isn't one. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.
23. When all else fails, if you can't stop your baby from crying, turn on some music and dance around the living room. Even if the crying doesn't stop, at least you'll enjoy yourself.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June is here...

We have been super busy and it's only June 4th. I have a feeling this month is going to fly by. We have been spending nice days outside, for Jack this consists of playing his his chicken: pushing it in a swing, down a slide, or just running around holding it. He spent over an hour on Saturday outback with the chicken. Tim and I could not stop laughing for feeling bad for the chicken.

We also had swim lessons on Friday and go back tomorrow morning.  Charlotte has been enjoying the pools and I have been bringing her in every chance I get.  We went in my mom's pool, even with the chill she went right in with her tube and floated around.

We also checked out a new Kids' Gym Sunday in Westchester. I personally was not impressed, especially for the price: $500 to join and $410 a month for 2 kids. Jack had a great time, don't get me wrong BUT he also couldn't really use everything, of course my kids found every outlet that was not child proof an unplugged or yanked on wires (really?! Why was this even possible?! My mom who was with me was on top of the kids too and they still found cords). We will not be joining, unless we use an OT who can go there or insurance supplements, even then I am not sure. The person who runs it rubbed me the wrong way when I asked a bunch of therapy related questions, she advertises as a sensory gym with therapy services- did she not expect anyone to ask questions? A sensory gym, OT needed and directs me to a Teenager with no training or background in Occupational therapy, early intervention or special education.

Last we visited our new friends that we met on our cruise. Tim, the kids and 8 went to their house for a BBQ today, Jack had so much fun, playing (scaring their dog) choochoos in dog bowl, yummy food! Can't wait to see them again:)
Sunday's events: WeeZee Zone and Rainbow
First First 6.2.12
Another month done

Our Cruise

We went away...without the kids!! We're back now after an 8 day cruise to the Caribbean with stops in Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay and Nassau, Bahamas. We went on the Carnival Miracle out of NYC, this was also Tim's first cruise. The kids were home with both sets of grandparents. They had a fabulous time and my mom is already offering to watch them again so we can go away. Though their house probably needs a break of Thomas the Tank Engine for a while. Choo-Choo!!

Charlotte is a cruising a bit more (no pun intended). Also while we were away get 2 top teeth broke through!! 4 teeth for Ms "Charlots". She is also learning the hard way to stay away from Jack's trains if she doesn't want to be pushed. Sharing is our next lesson to be learned.  The kids did great though and we  had no broken routines and were able to get right back into the swing of things: play dates, shopping trips and swim class already.

The weather was hit or miss all week, I still managed to get burned, and have a great tan now.
Some pictures from vacation....working on the photobook now.