Sunday, April 28, 2013

Potty Training, a milestone for the parents and kids...

Before we left for Disney I told Jack when we get back home there would be no more diapers. I was giving all his to Mickey Mouse. Only underwear and pull-ups at night time when we got back. We got back on a Monday night. Tuesday I let the family adjust and Wednesday after he got home from school we change right into underwear. And so it began...

The first 2.5 days each time he peed on the potty he got a treat: cracker, snack or sticker. He was thrilled. We had one accident, out at Starbucks. It didn't phase him though, I changed him into new undies and pants and back on track. At bedtime he said "no diaper mommy" already in mindset. (woohoo!)

Thursday he peed on the potty 5 times before we headed out for errands, again he did good, got home and peed (we were out 1.5 hours).  More potty at home and we went to grandma's in undies. He showed off, but had an accident their while zoned into iPad. No problem, positive reinforcement, pull-up for bed and went to sleep.

His accidents are when he is focused on something too much, and he poops in pull-up still. Sunday we went out to buy an on-the-go potty and one for grandmas house. We also picked out new prizes at Toys R Us with that we moved the rewards from 5 to 7 times. I took him into BRU to pee, first time in public bathroom, he didn't want to go and 10 minutes later went in pants. Immediately I changed him and we were ready to go again.  At grandma's he showed off on his new potty to everyone and we made a reward chart there too and hung it in bathroom. He earned stickers and another prize by the time we left after dinner.

Monday we had a BM accident, this upset him, he didn't like it at all. It was good though because you are not supposed to like it. Tuesday we did good too, already in a second full reward chart. Wednesday afternoon we took a snooze on couch, well he got up and went on floor and then showed me. I have a feeling the BM will take a little longer, but for only a week into it and still running around like crazy he is doing awesome. We went to playscape Wednesday and he even went 2x on his travel seat that we now carry around now, he was so proud. I made a huge deal and smothered him in kisses.  Conquered peeing in public restrooms. Woohoo!!

Even with accidents, I would say we are on a good streak. Lots of encouragement and positive reinforcement. I do feel BM will take a little longer, and once we do get that then night training. Today's major deal, standing up like daddy. He was so excited!!

In bag nonstop now: zip lock bags, extra undies and pants. Also wearing croc shoes so they are easy to soap up and clean if need be. Hopefully this streak continues!!

Friday he had a few accidents, and honestly I think it was me not being home. That evening before we left we peed.  We went to a huge, party at a sensory gym with our friends and the whole 2 hours no accidents and we went 2x to their bathroom without any issues, came home dry and sleeping.  He went into a pull-up in his sleep and to bed.  Saturday (4/27) We were out and about again. NO ACCIDENTS! we peed in several stores, and OUTSIDE which he thought was coolest thing ever.  Another new thing, is telling me that he is has to go.  It is clicking finally! So we are 11 days in and counting.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Disney Part 2

What we did when we weren't in the parks:

Monday: First stop in Orlando next to our hotel, Outlet Shopping.  We went to walk around after breakfast and look at Croc store for Jack.  Then we had lunch before heading over to Harley Davidson Dealership to look at new bikes for Tim.  There were so many nice ones,  kids got cute shirts and a poker chip from the store for our collection and then we headed out to visit Tim's friends at their house.  The kids loved playing at their house, other then the lizards which Jack was petrified off.  He screamed so loud, we couldn't help but laugh, Charlotte was a beast and grabbed it from my hands before throwing it.  Nothing scares her.  When we got back to hotel, Tim's friend from the military came over to meet up.  We took the kids swimming (they're fish after all;) and then out to dinner before they were passed out for the night.   They slept so well each night, no problems. 

Tuesday: Animal Kingdom/Downtown Disney (separate post to follow)

Wednesday: Magic Kingdom (separate post to follow)

Thursday: Hollywood Studios (separate post to follow)

Friday: Friday was the first and only day of cloudy weather, we thought it was going to rain and well it never did! Terrific weather the entire vacation with no rain. WOOHOO!  We went back over to our friends' house.  With all our kids we took a drive up the coast line over by Cavernal National Seashore so we could get our stamps in our passport book for the National Parks.  We looked for alligators everywhere but we never found one.  After getting back the kids went swimming again until Tim's aunt came over to meet us for the night.

Aligator hunting

All we found was this turtle to show the kids

he popped back out eating 

RossMeyer's Harley Davidson Daytona

Saturday: We went to Gatorland with Tim's Aunt.  The kids were free and they had FL resident discounts, military and I was regular price.  I am not sure if I would pay full price with young kids because it is mostly walking around seeing the different species, we didn't sit for any shows, because the kids just wanted to run and play.  We did do the train ride around the whole park which was a mini guided tour also.  They did have an adorable splash park and playground.  We knew ahead of time and brought bathing suits for the kids.  Though there were a few bigger kids 10+ who took control of the water sprayers on the alligators and just sprayed Jack in face like an easy target.  Clearly their parents were not to be found because I went over a few times to remind them J is little and they just ignored me.  As a parent wouldn't you go to see what was going on if another adult was talking to your kids.  (shakes my head) so we finally pulled them away from the water area and left.  You need 2-3 hours there just for basics and some playtime, the zipline is extra that they have for the older kids/adults.  

We went to Bass Pro Shops nearby afterwards which also had a real alligator from Gatorland (who would have thought the place to touch alligators wouldn't be Gatorland but BassPro) and Charlotte mauled him.  She hugged, kissed and loved him so much others were taking her picture with Mr. Gator. 

Jack and I had some pool time before the four of us going to Macaroni Grill for dinner.  At dinner I asked him if he wanted ice cream, "no thank you mommy I want to go to bed," he answered. Needless to say he was asleep before we got back and went straight into his big bed.  I will take no ice cream for bed any night!!

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Voxbox Sampler Box


Whats's inside:
  • Colgate Optic White: Toothbrush, mouthwash and toothpaste
    • 2 Thumbs up, I loved the tooth brush and I have been an electric girl for a while, but this one worked well even without a battery inside.  The toothpaste after 3 weeks has proven to me it works.  My teeth are whiter (woohoo!) and it didn't taste like crap.  The mouthwash has a very strong taste, it is on the harsher side, but your mouth feels clean afterwards.  The only thing I did find is an extra rinse with water afterwards is needed.  @Opticwhite #brillantsmile
  • Vaseline Spray and Go: Moisturizer 
    • Just in time for vacation to Florida and wearing dresses and shorts with winter legs.  This was so easy to apply and my legs looked great after 2-3 uses.  @vaselinebrand #sprayandgo
  • Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel: facial wipes
    • I tried a box of these individually wrapped towelettes over the past few weeks. They were perfect for mid-afternoon when I didn't want to rewash my face but needed a refresher.  I will be buying these again.  #dickinsonswitchhazel
  • Nectresse: Splenda product
    • I tried this once in tea but I am not really a very big sugar packet person.  So I can't honestly say one way or another. #nectresse
  • belVita: breakfast biscuits
    • These were yummy, I wish there had been more samples, 2 was not enough. Great for those mornings on the road.  @belVita #breakfastbiscuits

Disney World Part 1

Driving: We drove down to FL with our 2 kids. We left the Bronx area at 2pm and arrived in Fayetteville, NC at around 2:30 in the morning. We checked into a hotel. 2 ideas here: 1- We were bound to our hotel at that point because we had paid, canceling would have charged us so we chugged on until we reached there. If we weren't stopped in 3 hours of traffic in VA it wouldn't have been a big deal but we moved 10 miles in 3 hours and it messed up our timing. 2-  If we didn't have a hotel booked in advance we could have stopped anywhere and called it a night. We took out own advice on way home, we drove as far as we wanted (Orlando-Ashland,VA which was north of Richmond). We checked in at 12:30am passed out and woke up, ate and left by 10:30am. Breakfast was included, beds were comfy and room was under $90 a night: Country Inn by Carlson apart of the Radisson hotel chain. It was nice that we drove as much as we wanted and stopped when we wanted so we didn't have to push ourselves.

For the kids (what made our life easier):

I am super organized so the kids had matching SkipHop sets. Each had luggage bag, backpack, lunchbox and water bottle. Our themes Owl (J) and Bumblebee (C). In the back packs each were filled with toys for them, some Disney themed items of course and books. Whenever they were bored or right before they would fuss I would pull one out, new look of amazement each time. Win-win for no meltdowns.

Snacks- cereal bars, animal crackers, goldfish, cereal, peanut butter crackers and squeeze pounces. No candy!! Then I brought a pack of juice boxes which (we wound up bringing most home) and a case of water to fill up their sippy cups whenever they asked.

Electronics (iPad/games/iTouch): We have about 7 videos on our iPad, so we would play one every 3 hour. Then we would stop when movie ended to let the kids stretch, this system worked well. Also when One would sleep the other could play games. We also have the Mobigo2 and J got a new game for Easter which wasn't opened until the car ride, so he had another new thing to play with. C plays with the game unit, more like she presses buttons and giggles.    I did buy VTech headphones for J to use, but he wouldn't wear them plugged in but would unplugged, silly kid. Also, we turned my old iPhone4s into an iTouch with all their games loaded and ready to play, both kids like to use that. My car has 2 extra plugs in 2nd and 3rd rows making it easy to charge everything when we needed.

Extras: I kept spare clothes for the adults and our toiletries in a bag that we had easy access to so when we did stop I could reach anything I needed (meds, soap, toothbrushes, etc).

 Kids: I used ziplock bags to organize their clothing options daily, and each had a bag for bathing suits, socks and PJs separately. Daily I coordinated an outfit for each in one bag, making morning dressing very easy for us, and easy to through a spare in our diaper bag incase it was needed. I fit all this into 2 SkipHop rolling backpack luggage sets: 10 days of outfits, Spare clothing pieces, socks, PJs and the bathing suits. Talk about condensing luggage. Their shoes and coats did go in my luggage with my shoes, sweatshirts and beach towels. I couldn't fit everything.

My luggage included:
Toiletry bag with everyone's bath stuff, my makeup and medicines.
Duffle bag: shoes, towels, coats, diapers, and wipes.
Suitcase: all my clothes.
Carryall: Disney books on parks, magazines,


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