Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Tooth Fairy

Jack had to go back to dentist on Friday and we told him his teeth needed to be counted again.  Lucky us he has soft molars that have deep ridges = cavities and sealant.  Thankfully I love our dentist for the kids even though I have to pay more then my insurance actually reimburses me for.  The fact that I was one of her first patients ever, may have something to do with it too.  So off we went...

Jack proceeds to ask me if he will get a visit from the Tooth Fairy.  I had no idea he even knew about tooth fairy, so I asked him what the Tooth Fairy is.. 

"Mom, she comes at night and takes the tooth I leave under pillow". (Correct..)

"Then she leaves me pennies under my pillow and I wake up with money!!" (Hopefully he keeps up with the pennies under his pillow I think my last tooth was almost $20 from the fairy and that was years ago!) 

"Who told you about the Tooth Fairy, Jack?" 

"No one I just knew, so is she coming?" Thankfully no, all your teeth are staying in place today!

He continues to spit out questions/information like this, no one told him that I know after asking parents, inlaws and Tim.  I live his conversations and our 1:1 time where he really chats with me in complete sentences.  He retains so much, truly a sponge for knowledge. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Playground is back..

Finally our town playground is back open,  months ago they closed it, ripped it out and we were told it would be open in April...well that never happened.  Jack's party was planned for there, it was still closed, so 2nd location was used (our house). Since then we have driven by weekly, mostly to see the machines and "Kevin the train" from Thomas, who is a yellow construction vehicle (excavator).  The kids are obsessed.  

On Wednesday, Char and I drove by and saw kids playing...finally!  So Thursday after errands and hanging out we headed to see it.  There is tons for the kids to do, many more things to climb up and explore.  Benches for parents still haven't been added and there are only 2 baby swings and 2 kid swings, other than that its pretty awesome.  The kids certainly approve, and came home filthy (it had just finished raining and they also played in puddles and dirt collecting me rocks). 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I Love You Mommy

Will I ever get sick of hearing it?! Hopefully not! Jack tells me a hundred times a day he loves me, each time melting my heart.  Or that I am his best friend, he is so happy that I am his mommy, I have the best ideas, and once again he loves me with more kisses.   The stories are too funny, "out of the mouths of babes" right?

Today I was trying to get the kids in the car to see Grandma, of course all the toys in the backyard make that difficult at times. I out Char in car and told him to come on, well he ran further back.  Queue hard ball: I got in car, started it and back out of driveway, (I like on a private road which makes this possible).  Suddenly he appeared on walkway and said "no don't leave me!"  So I got out and then put him in seat and buckled it. He goes on to tell me "daddy would be SOOO mad at you, if you left me a bear would come and eat me and no one would see me again.  You would be in big trouble mommy!"  Really a bear?! Is this from our recent hike and bear tracks? The movie Brave and the little boys who turned into bears and the latest toy of reversible boy/bear stuffed toy?

I just have to laugh and hug him for being funny.  Before I forget, outside playing I was sitting in my new patio chair from Target in pink.  Jack walks over and says, " I like your pink chair mommy, where did you get it?"  "Target Jack."  "Oh mommy, Target has the best stuff and you buy it all."  Shh!  don't tell daddy, my little shopping buddy!!  

He is such a lovable little boy, like when he answered the door this morning for "his ladies" (early intervention women for his review) and says go and greets both with huge hugs.  He is a hugger, a charmer, and future ladies man for sure!! I am proud to say I am his mom! 

Recent pictures from hiking:

Monday, June 17, 2013

I feel like all I do lately is pay co-pays (May/June)

Last month we started off with Jack's 3 year old well visit. A good visit, every better for him with no shots! He is now 38 inches tall and broke the 30lb mark weighing in at 30.5lbs.  A celebration for the skinny kid, especially since Char is 26lbs and 15 months younger.

Friday, we had two appointments down in Westchester: first pulmniologist and then follow up with ENT.  The pulmnilogist was very nice, he thinks the snoring, breathing issues and our apnea concerns stem from the enlarged adenoids.  So if the ENT is going to take them out (that appointment was next), we would just follow up in October, if the ENT isn't going to take them out, then he would want a sleep study done.  

Onto the ENT, after 4 weeks of being on Nasonex, although his sinuses have been fine, "his adenoids have not gotten smaller is anything they got bigger". They are about 80% enlarged and tonsils are 60-70% enlarged/blocking.  So onto scheduling surgery for July, and therefore no sleep study, just a follow up in October.  Good news, so Jack will have his 3rd surgery since being born in the next 2 months, at least this one is about 20 minutes.  Piece of cake for what he has had before. 

Saturday: Saturday was a nice day, we ran errands, played outside and went to see their Nanny and Papa.  While there Charlotte and the dog collided, nothing bad but she worked herself up into such a frenzy she turned blue and passed out. I had a 26lb sack of potatoes I could not wake up for almost 10 seconds, which seems like an eternity while going on. First time ever I thought I was going to be calling 911 for her.  She came back continued to cry but didn't pass out again (Thank God!) but I called the DR and they wanted her to be checked out.  Everything seemed fine but was told to call Monday and be seen by her regular doctor and most likely would be getting an EKG and following up with a cardiologist.

Monday: So we call and get an appointment for the late morning, two kids at doctors office is no fun, let me tell you.  Jack was pushing her around and trying to pawn her off on people leaving her with them while she was in the stroller.  So once again we provided the entertainment in a waiting room.  Once called in I asked the Dr to also just check her ears because her nose was runny and messy diapers...ding ding ding.. Ear Infection in right ear only. Everything else looked good but ahe has now fainted over a dozen times, and there is no real baseline to why it happens (used to be tantrums, getting hurt, wanting more food) and they are getting to be longer when they happen, they ordered an EKG and I was to make a follow up with a Pediatric Cardiologist for my 21 month old.  That will now take place in June, my heart issue history and family history puts us more on alert.  

Well now that she has an ear infection we drove up to CVS, taking 2 kids into a pharmacy is no fun, plus Jack was now sleeping.  So I stopped at my In-Laws to have someone come sit with kids while I ran in for her meds.  Then we went back and played,  that's when disaster baby got hurt.  She fell from the hanging bar and twisted her ankle.  When she finally stopped crying I tried standing her up 3 different times, each time she buckled over, I could see she couldn't put weight on her ankle.  Char then started limping after Jack.  So we left my inlaws and headed down to NWH's ER...

At the ER Char was put in a full foot splint, FUN (insert sarcasm here).  We had to follow up with an Ortho in 2 days and keep her off her feet.  I got into the doctor the following day, thankfully and he reviewed everything and though she was limping he didn't see anything major so he took it off.  He even personally called a few days later to check in on her. AWESOME! Not that I want to go back with a kid and a broken bone we will go see him if need be.  Later I had to go to my doctor's office to get a PPD test for my new job, and returned Friday morning to be checked.  CLEARED, not that I was worried, but working with young kids you need a test annually now.

Following week (still on a doctor bender): Memorial Day Jack was off, that night he was MISERABLE, I have never seen him like this, no fever but couldn't sleep and at 2am I almost just left for hospital because the kid could not sleep and wanted to desperately.  Tuesday morning, I made an appointment for him to be seen, well Char finishes breakfast and breaks out in a rash, as the hours progress it is worse and worse, good thing we had an appointment already.  She is now allergic to Omnicef and Jack had a bug was given a ZPak and sent on our way.  By the next day he was better and she was just worse, back to doctors for Prednisone.  Finally she started clear up, and its only Wednesday.

Thursday I have a my physical for work and show my doc this thing on my foot.  I already had an appointment with a dermatologist in mid June, well he didn't like the look and by the time I was in the car on way home the doctor he recommended was on the phone getting me into their office Monday.  Honestly it scared the shit out of me, they got me in that quick.  Friday, Jack had a dental appointment and we were finally done with doctors for the week.

Monday, (6/3) I went to see dermatologist and he wanted to biopsy it immediately.  I basically laid there having a panic attack, I don't do needles calmly and then throw in digging, and stitches alone?!  Doctor had no idea what it could be but did mention a few things that he thought but wanted to see what Lab suggested.  Waiting game again.  Charlotte had her follow up with the Cardiologist the next day.  It went extremely well, also the tests looked normal and she is cleared.  Basically, doctor said its just a learned behavior when its done during tantrums and she just works herself up so much that she faints.  It is commonly seen in "willful children, just my luck.  It may get worse (more frequent) before it gets better.  Her coworker, a pulmonologist, came in to speak with me on a mom level because her own daughter did the same as Charlotte, and fun I have ahead of me.   We finally finished our doctor run!!! I swear though, it was overwhelming and just too much.  I hope we don't have another few weeks like this again.

**As of 6/14 I went for follow up blood work for my foot and hoping for good news within a week**