Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MyGym in Yorktown, NY ((giveaway))

**Disclosure:   As always all opinions are my own.  I did receive a monthly pass but am a member of the gym before that. **

Have you been looking for an activity for your kids during the summer or better yet all year round?  MyGym is a gym for kids to have classes from 1month and up .  I started going with Jack when he was around 1, and we also had his 2nd birthday there.   It is amazing how at such a young age and listening to fun teachers, how much kids will do.  Swing time also resulted in a line to grab a swing for adults to hang up and then all the kids to bring them back to storage.  Taking out a toy, playing with and returning it... what, how come they don't do that at home?  My Gym is magic!  

MyGym has classes for children 1month- 13years, with various age groups and times so there is something for everyone.  Including special kids nights (Parent's Night Out was held recently), camps over school break, summer and Birthday Parties. 

This FRIDAY they have a kick off party..

My Gym’s First Annual Summer Camp Kick-Off Party!
Join us for an afternoon of games, relays, demonstrations, tumbling, and explore time in the gym! Plus, huge deals on summer camp passes for all party guests. Cost to attend? Free!

Party guests: Get a 5 day camp pass for just $100.00! 10 day camp pass for just $150.00! 

Friday May 30th, 3:00-6:00PM
42 Triangle Center, Yorktown Heights, NY
 Our Summer Camp Kick-Off party is free for all ages, however, parents will be required to sign-in and accompany their children while on the gym floor. No RSVP required. Parents must wear socks while on the gym floor, kids go barefoot.

More info about our Summer Camp Kick-Off party?
Call us at the gym (914) 302-7705 or email us Yorktown@mygym.com and we will see you there!

You know what sounds even better?  A Giveaway!!  
Winner receives:
  • 4 weeks of class and Practice & Plays (this consists of one structured class per week, and unlimited Practice & Play during the week, for 4 consecutive weeks)
  • A LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP  (entitles discounts on birthday parties and special events like our “parent’s night out.”
  •  My Gym Prize pack you receive on arrival
  • Total package is valued at $173.00.

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 Facebook: http://www.mygym.com/mygymyorktownheights
Twitter: @MyGymYorktown

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jack's Minion Party Review

Jack had his 4th Birthday at the local Bowling Alley, 15 kids with balls, pins and slick floors...sure had a ton of laughs!  We had a great time, this year was not very DIY, although I did have adorable cupcakes and cookies were brought to school prior, (both made by a friend).  I did make the invites and thank yous myself, and Tim made the bowling pin which we had the kids sign at the party.   Just a quick summary of Jack's Party and ideas if anyone is looking for things to do with Minions. theproctorfam.com

Check out my post here about Kiwi Crate's favors.  We loved the Wand and Rockets for boys and girls. 

A friend made these for Jack's classroom and then party.  She is so talented, and if anyone is in Dutchess or Putnam and would like her info, please email me.

I had the pleasure of reviewing party supplies from Oriental Trading for Jack's upcoming 4th Birthday Party.  They have supplied for over 80 years unique and fun favors, toys, party supplies, crafts and novelties for tons of occasions.  As the Nation's Largest Retailer it should be your first stop when in need of supplies.   Have you looked yet?  Besides birthday parties, as a teacher it is also great for supplies, classroom decorations, rewards and teaching tools.

This year Jack decided he wanted a MINION party, you know those little yellow dudes with their own language, 1 or 2 eyes, and work for Gru in Despicable Me 1 & 2.   Oriental Trading had everything Minion related: cups, plates, napkins, balloons, banners, table decor, table cloths, tattoos, stickers, and other favors.   Even in the Pinterest era we live in, buying the basics through Oriental Trading first is fast, easy and leaves you with time to work on your crafts still.

Oriental Trading has great quality, shipping and customer service.   They are always offering specials, such as discounts and free shipping to save you money.  We all know shopping with kids is never an easy task, but shopping online is.  I know it is for me!  Join their mailing list and request a catalog today!

My PINTEREST board for party planning.

Thank You cards say "Tanks A Minion"
Picture of Jack and Minion from TRU in NYC
DISCLOSURE: “This review is based strictly on my opinion. Others may have a different opinion or experience with the products listed above. I was provided the sample free of charge by the company and as always I provided my honest opinion. No other type of compensation was received for this review.”

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Jackster

Jack turned 4, my first is four, and we have survived!  I have heard fours are awful, I am hoping its not true.  We have had behaviors and the nonstop nagging, questions, doing the opposite of what I ask but overall nothing major.  That or I am blinded by the behavior, attitude and pure differenceness of his younger sister.  Everytime she does something I find myself saying Jack never did that.

This past year he started weighing over 30lbs (crazy thats important but he is such a skinny mini its redic), potty trained quickly and easy, started preschool-3 and loved it, also started in CPSE in the fall to conitnue help with his hand, artricultaion and core strength.  He is a charmer with everyone, and learned the at of maniuplation and coning early on.  Did you know he requires a "prize" also while Char now potty trains? He doesn't remember his prizes from last year so he needs them again (so he says) again he is a master of trying to get everything.  

This past year everything has been the "best ever (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Birthday, Thomas ride)", he is acknowledging things, understanding deeper thoughts, remembers everything  and repeats more.  Guess that is growing up, right?  He continues his obsession for Grandma, even telling me to mail his birthday presents to her house for his birthday morning because he did not want to miss out on his sleepover, instead Grandma slept at our house.  He also hasn't stopped talking about going on vacation with Grandma and Grandpa without mommy in a few months, its just a long weekend but for him its months.

Mommy-son time:  We have been going out weekly and doing something special small or big, his favorites are big adventures to city, shopping, or going somewhere new.  Always asking if he is "man of the house" when daddy is working.  He loves being in charge.   He loves school and I can't wait to see what this year brings us.  Current obsessions: Thomas Trains, Legos and Minions.  He has his own iTouch and loves watching Disney movies (Frozen, Planes, Up and Pirate Fairy are main favorites and Incredibles and Despicable Me 2) on this iTouch.  

Each new day brings on a new conversation, jokes, and compassion/love of others from Jack.  As crazy as he can be, he is boy, my first and a mini me.  Each night we sign off with:

M-"I love you Jack"
J-"I love you mommy"
M-"I love you more"
J-"No, I love you more"
M-"I love you the most"
"No mommy, I love you the most"

This is one argument we can tie in. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Jack's Party Favors with KIWI CRATE ((giveaway))

**Disclosure: I received a discount on products in exchange for an honest review.  As always all opinions are my own.  This post also contains affiliate links. **

What is a party without awesome party favors, especially for young kids?  This year I wanted something creative and useful for Jack's party.  His theme picked was Minions which has limited premade favors and stuff that I know usually just winds up in the bottom of a bag, car or bin somewhere.  I then remembered seeing small craft boxes from KiwiCrate, we already receive their montly craft boxes and love them, why not share the fun.

Kiwi Crate offers many choices for favors and for both boys and girls, another plus as I wanted to have something different for the girls.  After figuring what I have spent on favors in the past, this was a no brainer for Jack's party.  To make it a little more personalized I made stickers to put on the boxes.  Easy peasy.   

KiwiCrate offers monthly subscriptions plans to have craft crates sent to your house for the kids to do.  Each craft is labeled with a difficulty level and parent involvement scale.  All supplies needed are included so you are not running around looking for things while putting together a project and each crate comes with mulitple projects.  Each project has detailed step by step instructions easy enough for my 3 year old to figure out (boxes are recommended for ages 3-8).   

Besides monthly crates and favors, they have one-time themed crates and mini crates, which are great for gifts and the favor assortment.  Another cool thing about the favors is you pick the color box you want also, they are reusable with handles too!  We had a bunch of text messages last night about the favors and the kids loving them, creating them as soon as they got home. 

Rockets & Wands

KiwiCrate has a 3 month Summer Adventure subscription coming out for June, July and August.  Each box has 2-3 hands on projects and Kiwi Crate's explore! magazine with more activities.  The summer boxes are Camping (June), Beach Day (July) and Amusement Park (August) all for $60 (20 a box).   

You can find out more about Kiwi Crate here, also see past box offerings and how to connect with them on the web.  If you want to join Kiwi Crate sign up here and get $10 off your first box (referral link no code needed).  Your child will love the green box coming to their door each month, I know mine do!

Kiwi Crate offers a range of subscription levels, all shipped for free:

Monthly Subscription - $19.95/month + free shipping
3 Month Gift - $60 + free shipping (save $15)
6 Month Gift - $110 + free shipping (save $39)
12 Month Gift - $205 + free shipping (save $94, the best value!)

ONE of my lucky readers will win a 3 month Summer Adventure subscription for their kid this summer.  

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday Night City Date with Jack

Last Saturday night Jack and I headed down to the Children's Museum of Art for a Launch Party for The Dragon and The Rabbit.   He was in heaven, we were going to ride a train "Thomas" from the Bronx to get there.  Having individual time with both kids is a priority and doing something fun, Charlotte and I had gone to see Pirate Fairy screening a few weeks ago, now is Jack's time.

The Dragon and the Rabbit was created by Anjana Eapen-Sathaye. Who has many years in the fashion industry before going on her own and a mother of two.  Named after the years her kids were born (Rabbit & Dragon), the use of bright primary colors and designs are attractive for traditional clothing designs, easy-to-care for clothes which are made from natural cotton fibers.  Lots of reds, blues, blacks and white, of course Jack instantly loved the blue and white striped shirt with red train that wrapped around from front to back.  I bought Charlotte the blue dress with white stars and red accents to match, planning sibling photos already (pictured above).  

The Rabbit and The Dragon Clothing
The Children's Museum of Art where the event took place was interesting, only seeing a very small portion I would love to go back with the kids another day to explore.  The Ball Pond seemed to be a favorite for the younger crowd, filled with large excerise/balance balls instead of the normal small ones when one thinks of a "ball pit".  

Jack and I continues our "mommy and me" adventure to Time Square, since the uptown train wasn't stopping local, We had to ride south to turn around and go back north, this excited Jack.  A new train #3, Henry,  which we rode to get to Toys R Us.  I love the fact that he is getting order and enjoys the city, he informed me "the city is the best place especially with you only mom". He sure melts my heart.  Toys R Us has a giant Minion in the store currently, Jack had to pose, his upcoming birthday party is Minion themed.  Then he picked out a train and some birthday presents.  

from our travels during the day
Before heading back to the Bronx and our car, he wanted a pretzel the size of his head, I got Starbucks and we headed back to the Subway. After a quick visit to see Daddy at work (and more desert) we finally headed home.  He didn't pass out until we were half way home.  He did great walking everywhere and having a long day/night out.  

I think it's a great idea to have individual time with the kids, have planned and leaving the rest to them, following their lead.  I can't wait for our next adventure together with my little boy. 

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, invited and provided a discount.  All opinions are my own.