Monday, July 28, 2014

Field Station: Dinosaurs #review # giveaway #kprocblog

Today I went with the kids to see  gigantic Dinosaurs that move, roar and interact.  Field Station Dinosaurs is a must do with kids this summer, especially young dinosaur fans.  Well worth the drive to NJ from Putnam County today (9 minutes from Manhattan!).  We went with friends, the more the merrier and not knowing what to expect when we got there.  We brought lunch, snacks and drinks thankfully it was a scorcher out there.  We took a stroller which none of the kids really wanted but it held our bags, there is a lot of walking to see dinosuars and activities, carrying them would have been a pain, but you can rent strollers or lockers at Field Station too.

Admission is reasonable starting at $20 with option to add on a few extras and kids' 2 aged under are free to get in.   The shows were adorable, the kids participated in a music show, dancing and doing the limbo and rocking out.  We all know how much Charlotte likes to dance.  The second show included a DINOSAUR who walked around and did tricks with his trainer.  Charlotte was over the moon and wanted to ride on him and touch him.  Jack and his friend sat watching the entire time not moving unless it came close to them, they thought he was real,  such innocence.

All kids get a passports that they can earn stamps for by attending shows and activities for their ultimate Paleontolgist badge that then goes on the passports.  This free and keeps the kids entertained, ours were all about the stamps.  When you are leaving, they show their passports and received their sticker.

We were there almost 4 hours, and the kids had a blast, there were toys for them to play with in atent while waiting for a "game show" to start, coloring dinosaurs in another tent, and digging for fossils using tools in the sand.  Do expect the the kids to get dirty, but isn't getting dirty a major part of fun?

I highly suggest getting down to 1 Dinosaur Way in Seacucus, NJ and joining in on all the fun!  We want to go back!
Disclosure: I visited Field Station on my own, and then they provided passes for giveaway.  All opinions are 100% my own and as always honest.

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Sneakz Organic Beverages #review #kprocblog

Sneakz Organic beverages let me try their organic chocolate milk with my children and their friends.  I was eager to try their drinks with the kids going to school full time in the fall, I have to start making and sending lunches to school each day.  The Tetra Pak packaging fits in their lunch boxes and bento boxes easily, also eco-friendly for recycling at school.

I brought them on our outing to see dinosaurs this week to try with 4 kids, my own and a friend's, ages 2-5.  While sitting to watch a show I pulled them out and gave them to the girls and two boys.  The girls immediately started drinking and my friend was shocked her daughter drank it.  She does love chocolate milk but was unable to taste something different about it.  That difference is the clean veggies "sneaked in" the drink.  A full serving veggies such as beets, sweet-potatoes, carrots and spinach is in each box.  Both girls finished their boxes and love them.

The boys were tougher tasters, her son is not a chocolate milk fan, so he took one taste and didn't want to countine.  My son saw the pictures of vegetables, and put it down.  Didn't even want to try.  I didn't push, I just came up with a back up plan, to give it to him in a glass without the packaging around.

Jack tried Sneakz again with breakfast and it was poured in a glass with the package out of site.  He drank it.  He did claim it was "too chocolate" for him. So he asked if I could add milk to it, which I did.  He drank the rest.  For him I think it was seeing the box that was not his usual milk box.  I am tried the some Sneakz, moms' can drink it too, I didn't taste any veggies.

Sneakz gets an A rating in our house and we will be using them at school this fall.  One less thing I need to worry about packing and what's inside.  No artificial ingredients: GMO Free, no antibiotics or synthetic hormones.   Highly recommend picking them up, I bet your kids will love them too!

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Find out where to buy Sneakz locally at a store or on Amazon 

DISCLOSURE:  I received Sneakz Organic beverages commpliementary.  All opinions are my own and honest. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Back to School Style with Mom Trends #btsstyle #momtrendsbts #kprocblog

On Monday, Mom Trends hosted a Back to School Nighy at Vera Bradley in NYC.   Walking into a sea of colors, bags and mom bloggers always makes for a great night.  Mabel's Labels, Revolution Foods, French Toast, Stride Rite and Vera Bradley were just a few of the brands sharing tier back to school insight with us moms.  Including a fashion show of adorable kids displaying the latest in BTS Fashion from French Toast Uniforms, Vera Bradley, LL Bean, Stride Rite, Keds and Carter's and more.

Vera Bradley makes amazing bags of all shapes and sizes and for all ages.  My almost 3 year old has quite the collection of change purses from VeraBradley.  These bags are very affordable and make great gifts, just this past Christmas I gave all the teachers/therapists that work with my kids an ID holder with zippered pouch.  This BTS season Vera Bradley is mixing "bold" and "quiet" prints and patterns on their bags.   Kids' backpacks are incredible for this fall in different materials, and the bright prints will be the talk of the bus.

I have been a huge Mabel's Label fan since I was pregnant with Jack.  I loved labeling his bottles and feeding items, then coats, now bags, shoes, beach towels and bathing suits for camp.   So many things over 4 years and Charlotte's.   If you are tried of your kids losing things when they go to school, label them.  There are so many to choose from Tag Labels, shoes, books, cups, bags, and more.

Stride Rite is a long standing house hold name for kid shoes, for decades they have provided children's first pair of shoes, now boots, sneakers, dress shoes, the collection has expanded and definitely stays with the trends.  Check them out now for the latest in Back to School Styles, I know I am.

French Toast:
Does your kid wear uniforms to school?  Check out FrenchToast for all your uniform needs.   They are your one stop shop, and have the lists of schools requirements that you need to buy.  Sizes start at 2T perfect for PreK and have reinforced knees, a must if your son is anything like mine. 

Revolution Foods:
Meal kits for kids to eat while at school, I must get these healthier alternatives for the kids this year.  I have to send lunch daily for two kids.  These meal kits would make it much easier when all 3 of us are running out the door in the morning.  I loved the turkey and cheese combo I tasted and probably sampled enough to equal a kit, addicting!  No artificial anything!!

Wall Pops-Wall Art:
Repositionable wall art, organizational calendars, wipe-off sheets, Wall Pops Wall Art has it.  I never thought of using a sticker calendar before, but when you see it you will want one just like I did.  Not another think to bump into on the wall, its just there and FLAT!  Do you kids (or you) want to redecorate their room?  Have an apartment and can't paint/nail into your walls, Wall Art designs has endless possibilities for you to check out.

Yell Less, Love More:
A Mom that yells?  Who isn't? Until she took on a challenge...  The Orange Rhino Challenge, no yelling for 365 days.  There are guidelines to follow and descriptions of what constitutes yelling to send you to restart again.  The "Orange Rhino" did it with 4 kids, I have 2 and feel as if I am a yelling machine at times.  Can't wait to read her book coming out October 1st and see if I can take her challenge.  

Disclosure: I was invited to a Back To School event and received promotional items. As always all opinions are my own. 

What are you excited to buy or do this upcoming Back-To-School shopping season?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Disney's Planes Fire & Rescue #planes2mamarazzi @themoms

The kids, Tim and I went to see Planes Fire & Rescue today with The Moms for their latest Mamarazzi Event.  We enjoyed an awesome hot dog bar brought in by WindMill Hot Dogs located down in NJ on the shore.  Jack is a hot dog feen lately, so he was in heaven.  Desert was Baked by Melissa mini cupcakes that Charlotte couldn't get enough of, shoving one after another into her tiny mouth, while shouting for more before she could swallow the one in her mouth.

Vitamin company, NatureSmart, was on hand to tell us moms about the benefit of their vitamins also their partnerships with Disney, Marvel and Star Wars.  The vitamins Did you know we (parents) can take them too?
  • Offered in 3 different forms: gummy, chewable, textured gummy
  • Multivitamin, Fiber, Omega-3, Vitamin C +Zinc, Calcium + Vitamin D3
  • 3 Flavors: Grape, Cherry, and Orange
You can check NatureSmart Vitamins out online to see all the choices they have along with creative worksheets for the kids.

Julie Bowen, who plays Dipper in the movie, stopped by also.  She is a riot both in and out of the movie and her alter who Claire Dunphy. Julie is a mom of twin boys and another son.  She said this is one of the first things her kids connected and liked since she is a character, a toy, and "vitamin" now.  The movie making process was much different usually working face-to-face with other actors and going off them, this time she went off editors, fixing all the in-between she would say while in recording studio.  

The movie was terrific, Disney did it again with a great feature.  Coming from a fire fighting household, we loved the Fire and Rescue theme.  Dusty was awesome, letting the kids know they can do anything they put their mind to.  The music makes you dance in your seat and the jokes keep rolling.  "HOLY CHEVY"-- funny for us adults, a must see this summer according to my family!

Disclosure: I was invited as media and received a gift bag, no other compensation was given.  As always all opinions are my own. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Children's Claritin Playmarker Playdate #ClaritinMomCrew

Disclosure: As a member of the Children’s Claritin Mom Crew, I receive product samples and promotional items to share and use as I see fit.  No monetary compensation has taken place and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience.

I was chosen to be apart of the Children's Claritin Mom Crew, which is perfect with Jack's allergies.  Even Char has some but not as bad as Jack, whose list includes grass, pollen, ragweed and trees mainly.  Jack literally walks out the front door and sneezes, we have been using Claritin for two years now daily for him to help relieve the coughing, dark circles around his eyes and runny nose.  

As a Mom Crew member we held a playdate with the kids' friends so they could play and us moms could chat.  Having a medication to help the kids feel allergy relief and only need to give it once lasting for 24 hours, is great for the kids who don't want to take medication, only one "battle" a day.  Is your kid one that battles?  

Our children with allergies (like Jack) can't sit inside all day, all kids belong outside playing these days.  This summer simple activities you can do with your kids and their friends is a backyard obstacle course, mudpie stations and car races, which is a favorite of my whacky two.   

I was able to share some Claritin Swag such as bags, $2 coupons (want your own Claritin Coupons? print them now) and magnetic notepads.

What do you use for allergy relief for your kids?  I use Children's Claritin for my kids and I would be lying if I said I haven't taken it myself a few times for relief.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SparkBox Subscription Toy Review #playlearnreturn

SparkBoxToys is a subscription toy box service, that sends 4 Educational Toys to your house picked out for your child's developmental needs (according to age/stage), you also have the option to go online and pick toys out yourself.   For the past month we have been using, exploring and playing with these toys thanks to SparkBoxToys supplying us with a sample.

As a parent and teacher to the 0-4 age group in which this subscription service is geared for, I was intrigued instantly and saw the possibilities of use.  I agree with SparkBoxToys that many toys wind up unplayed with, handed down or given away quickly, so why not use toys for a few weeks and send back and get new ones to use, the cost of the 8 week plan is around the cost of just 1 of these toys.

contents of my box
What is in the box?

  • 4 Educational & Developmental Toys
  • Laminated Product Cards for each toy**
  • Mesh Bags to store toys in while in use
  • FedEx Return Label to send back 
  • Batteries for toys (if needed)
  • Everything is cleaned and repackage upon return before it is sent out to next family
*These were my favorite, as a parent some toys only come off one way to play/use... this laminated card share different uses for the toys and the skill(s) you can work on while using it 

Subscription Plans:
1 box every 8 WEEKS= $23.95
1 box every 6 WEEKS= $28.95
1 box every 4 WEEKS= $35.95

The box I received had brands such as Plan Toys, Kid O and Melissa & Doug.   Each box is worth over $100 on average.

These were the two favorite toys to play by my kids and the children I work with.  The learning possibilities were great.  Balancing the shapes so the cactus didn't fall was always fun, labeling the colors, counting the holes with the youngest of students, coloring sorting too!

favorite teacher tool for learning to write numbers

Check out SparkBox Toys on:
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Want 50% off your first box?  Use code KPROCMOM now!!

Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge without compensation, in exchange for a review.  As always all opinions are 100% mine and honest. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Family Vacation 2014 - Delaware/Maryland

Since Tim and I have been together, the first Saturday after school ends his family goes on vacation.  My 9th vacation just took place, 2nd year at Bayside located in Delaware bordering Maryland.  There is a sign out on the point marking the Mason-Dixon Line and state lines (Cool right?!)  the community is beautiful, immaculate and has tons to do.  His parents rent a house and host everyone, this year 10 of us were there- 8 adults and our 2 kids with ease.

Morning rides to Starbucks
Leaving the community and a short drive down the road is Route 1: make a left and head to Bethany Beach and Reboboth and make a right to Ocean City, MD.  This leads to endless amounts of shopping, beaches, mini golf and boardwalks.   Within the community there are 3 pools, splash playground, playgrounds, fishing ponds, 18 hole Jack Nicklaus' golf course, kayaking, paddle boarding, concerts, sidewalks, gardens, a restaurant and small shopping center (including a Starbucks inside Harris Teeter, so you know I was in heaven).

Boys Fishing

The kids had a great time.  They just loved to swim in the pool everyday.  Jack and I took several bike rides including a 1.3 trip to Starbucks, hitching a ride back in the car but he made it there himself, I was so proud of him.  They planned on the playground, roasted marshmellows by the golf course, went fishing, flew a kite, and walked in the sand by the bay and played inside the house.  We took them to OC Boardwalk and went on rides, played games and won toys (the stuffed hot dog was Jack's favorite) and ate ice cream.  What kid wouldn't have fun with all that? 

Tanning at the pool with some mixed drinks and nachos was a favorite of mine, along with our annual "kid" mini golf/winner-takes-all game while J & C stayed back with their grandparents.  Dancing at Seacrets, shopping at the outlets in Reboboth and having a general good time.  Tim played golf twice and the kids loved having daddy not working and being them for a week. 

Video games on Ocean City Boardwalk
We had amazing weather, repeat amazing, since back home there were rain storms back to back.  We had rain the morning of the 4th and that was it, by afternoon is was cleared and sunny again.  The fireworks had been canceled due to setup time with rain that morning, but Jack and I took a walk that night and were able to catch some sitting together on sidewalk alone. They were reschedule for Saturday night but we were home by then.  

I still can't believe it's been 9 vacations with Tim's family or that Jack has been on 5 of them already (first one he was 6 weeks).  Both kids have already asked when they are going back to their "cation" house.
Mom Mobile with our bikes

If you are looking for a great vacation I recommend checking out Bayside, my in-laws rent the houses off web listings.  

Cabela's Stop on the way down to vacation

Until next year!! 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blogger Bash Coffee Talk #bbnyc

Blogger Bash Coffee Talk #bbnyc

This coming week I am attending my first Blogger conference with Blogger Bash.  I am excited to see many of the mom bloggers I have met over the past year, meet new ones and form new relationships through blogging and social media.  So get to know me, and link-up with fellow bloggers around the country this week.


1. Name: Karen (Kprocmom)

2. Where are you from? Born in California, few short years in NJ before family settled in NY with a quick stint in VA while husband served in the military.  Been in Putnam County, north of NYC, raising my own family here now.

3. How long have you been blogging?  I started dabbling in blogging in 2006, while I was planning my wedding, in 2010 when we moved and had our first child I started picked back up again.
4. What is the meaning behind your blog name? Diapers, Dishes, Lessons and Homework came from having children, being a wife, writing lessons as a teacher and going back to school for my Masters all at the same time,
5. What are you most looking forward to at Blogger Bash? Meeting fellow bloggers new and old.  Meeting companies with a connection to my family and blog and having a good time.
6. What three words describe you the best?  Busy, creative, fun
7. Got kids? How many? YUP! Boy and Girl- 15 months apart (2U2 mom here!)
8. We all have a pet peeve. What is your #1?  Lying, just be yourself, not a story teller.
9. If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?  My Grandma, she passed away just before I graduated college in 2008, she would be so excited about my kids and being a great-grandma if she was here still. 
10. Show me your face!

Selfie with my youngest Char

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Swim Zip Kids Protective Swim Wear #Review

Going on vacation?  You NEED these swim suits for the kids from SwimZip!!  I was lucky enough to try two suits for Jack and Char kicking off summer in a great protected way.  Created by a sister/brother team after Betsy (sister) was diagnosed with skin cancer, the company began business in March 2010, and appeared on Shark Tank in January 2014 where they made a partnership with Lori Greiner (Queen of QVC), they have won Mom's Choice Award and Winner of the Parent Tested/Parent Approved Award too.  They have been my go-to suit since receiving them.  Every time we go out to swim they wear them.

my diva ready for pool
SwimZip bathing suits are made by moms for families to protect against sun damage while still having fun during the summer time.  They are UPF 50+ Sun Protection, excellent at blocking the sun's UVA & UVB rays.  With sizes starting at 6 months they are the must have for kids in the summer time, not just while swimming but outdoor play too, adorable style the shirts have been worn by my kids at parks and carnivals.  I love the long sleeve styles for max sun protection and then adding sunblock to them still.
fun at the lake

-Full length zippers with protective zipper flap (no more squeezing the kids heads through holes)
-Built in liners on boy's shirts
-Drawstring and elastic waistbands
-Long & short sleeve styles
-Chlorine Resistant
-Lycra/Nylon fabric

My kids love them, Char loves her ruffled butt on her suit (Splish Splash).  They have so many cute styles including polo shirt styles for the boys and men.  Moms can get in on the sun protection too with many styles offered with shirts to cover up their tops.  

Want to connect with SwimZip?  Check them out on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter along with their website

Disclaimer:  I received items directly from SwimZip in exchange for an honest review.  I was not compensated in any other way to try these swim suits.  As always all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kickety Split- Girls Clothing Review- Active Apparel

Kickety Split reached out with their new girls clothing line (boys to come soon), and sent clothing for me to review with Charlotte.  She picked out all the items, a mixture of hot pinks, light pink, navy blues and grey.  They have many combinations to pick from and interchange: a range of short sleeve/long sleeve shirts, croppy sweat shirts with big neck lines (perfect for the little dancers/yoga girls in your life), pants with ruffled skirts and sweat shirts.
Kickety Split

Those who know Charlotte, know she is active, messy and wild.   She loves the outdoors: hiking, fishing and digging in dirt.  If daddy is outside working, she is right next to him "helping".   Having clothes that are easy to wash and still look good after many wears is key when buying her new clothes.  Prices rnage from $32-$49, with a portion of sales donated to support childhood cancer, Tom Coughlin Jay Fund.  Inspired by the daughter of a NYC mom of two, these pieces encourage active lifestyles, who wants a couch potato?

Zippy Hoodie- Navy Blue/Hot Pink
Sassy Skegging- Navy Skirt/Pink Leggings
Croppy Top- Hot Pink
"Our Purpose: To inspire kids to leave active lives and make healthy choices as they grow"- Kickety Split

I loved these clothes, as a comfy clothes wearing Mama myself, why not have Charlotte match.  These are going to be a staple at school in the fall.  Stocking up on back-to-school wardrobe?  Start here first!
All about hoods!

Want to connect with them for latest news, release of new clothes and sales?
Kickety Split Website

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Disclosure:  I received clothing from Kickety Split for an honest review, I was not compensated in any other way.  As always all opinions are my own.  This post includes some affiliate links.