Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Days....

I think there is a circle of life when it comes to snow days.  As a kid you love them, even through your "student years", snow days in college, you prep for them the night before (bar anyone?).  Then you reach the point of responsibility- working, home ownership, driving and you dread. Snow means cleaning off driveways, cars, and still getting to work.  Unless you're a teacher and once every now and then is wanted unless they start taking away from your breaks or extend your school year; early dismissals or delays are always better.

Now they mean making sure you have food, milk and snacks.  Make sure that the kids have enough books, shows and crafts to do.  All your electronics are charged and outdoor play equipment is clean and ready.  As a kid I loved the snow, I grew up in a house on a hill, our property had two majors dips and attracted the entire neighborhood with building jumps, luge tracks and crossing the road at the bottom for the final jump, this meant kids standing guard with snowballs for the plows coming through, we thought we could stop them.   Then as a teenager snow meant getting dropped off at the local ski mountain and spending hours snowboarding until the lifts closed.  That's where I met Tim, the winter of 9th grade in 1999. 

Now I dread when the kids want to go out, dressing in all the gear, shleping outside and then the clean up once they get back inside. They enjoy it though, sleigh riding, building snowmen and "mouse houses", not sure where that one came from but it's Jack's thing.  So I do it, take pictures and videos because they want to watch them when we get back inside over and over.  It is cute, last year we bought the kids a Burton Snowboard set up, helmets and goggles too.  We haven't made it to a mountain yet (they did start ice skating lessons), but our little hill is perfect for them.

This after we take care of digging out the cars, making paths for the dogs to get outside, driveway and walkway shoveling.  You know the responsible things we have to do.  That's my full cycle of snow: snow fun, snow responsibility, my kids' snow fun and more "adult" responsibility. 

Happy Snow Day!

Eek! I am almost 30

 Good bye Twenties!

Lately I have been busy! Granted who hasn't, and its a good thing.  The kids are set in school, I finally worked out a schedule that works for me with teaching, and I am now a business owner with an LLC: Apple Moms HV.   Still juggling everything and working on time management but its been going great, changes made to reflect work.  This winter has been cold and Tim started out in January with nasal surgery.  Thankfully he has been home because of that but he has had a rough recovery.  Hopefully this helps all the sinus issues he has had over the past few years.  We hope!
Summer Vacation in Lake George

Undergrad Graduation
Bigger news my 30th is coming up, crap I am going to be 30!  I am honestly looking forward my 30s, my 20s have been amazing: 
  • 20 marriage 2006
  • 21 our first place 2007
  • 22 Undergrad Degree in Teaching  2008
  • 23 first teaching position 08/09
  • 24 working/traveling 2009
  • 25 Jack born/bought a house 2010
  • 26 Charlotte Born 2011
  • 27 Masters Degree-Education 2012
  • 28 Went back to work, new job 2013
  • 29 New Business Started 2014
Craziness is when I turn 40 (now 10 more years)- Jack will be turning 15 and Charlotte 14, I will have high schoolers at that point, big change from enrolling Jack in Kindergarten now.  Again, my 20s have been great,  I am sure my 30s will be even better!  Life plans, education plans and career/business goals will be worked on, reflected upon and accomplished.
Mall with Newborn Jack
I am truly blessed for everyone in my life.

Char Fall2013
Summer 11 7months pregnant with Char