Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Leader in Me at Home: Creating Our Family Mission Statement

Our our recent family trip to Universal Studios we partook in two workshops with The Leader in Me during the Family Forward.   The Leader in Me is a whole-school based model to empower children.  We did The Leader in Me at Home activities which helped us rethink what we do at home with Jack and Charlotte.   They also suggested Mission Statements for the family.   After the the trip we discussed and formed one together based on our principals with the help of their prompts.  Want to learn about making your own?  Check out Leadership at Home.

Our Family Mission Statement: Make Peace, Protect All, Honor Others, Care for All, Be Your Best, Love Yourself and Respect Everyone.

Win-Win Trunk of the Tree for 7 Habits

Have you asked your family what is their purpose?  It is not a typical question, first there were a bunch of funny answers, but those funny answers were the real answer for our purpose.  We honestly hadn't thought of our purpose or a mission statement until partaking in the activities during Family Forward.  FAMILY FIRST was the main idea that kept coming up from the kids and adults.  This involved sharing out feelings on success and happiness.

Most importantly was the purpose, RESPECT.  To do that we have to have a bond, stand up for each other, love and help our family.  In our home we want to be loving, caring and happy.  If we are those things, everyone will be happy fulfilling our relationships and priorities with one another.   We went over these questions using the Leadership at Home questions on their website for guidance on Our Family Mission Statement.    More importantly with our mission, how will we contribute to society as a family.  Our family has always been service-oriented.  Dad is a first responder, mom plans community events and works with special education children and the kids donate and recycle toys, clothes and more.
Taken during The Leader in Me workshop
As a parent, I want caring kids who strive for themselves first and the family.  Starting with making leaders, and "the roots" of The 7 Habits Tree.  The Win-Win (playing well with others) is the trunk of the tree before taking care of yourself and BALANCE.  Modeling as parents for the children is key.  Making better kids, students and humans. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Moving Summer 2017

This post is LOOONG overdue.  I started writing it in June.  I am going to edit with where we are now the second to last week in August, basically 2.5 months LATER! 

June 1st here and I about to dive head first into packing up the house.   We are in contracts currently with our house and should be closing beginning of July. That date came and went.   I am super excited but as of right now we have no where to go. We found a rental that is amazing after going to see 4, one ended up having a murder there too.  Our luck.   Moving is stressful and throwing kids into the mix adds to that stress.  I just keep thinking about the new beginning is it going to bring. Everyone in the house will be included in the process too.  Jack and Charlotte have given us their requests and they are quite funny. For the most part when we have gone to homes they have stayed in the car or outside on the phones with no interest coming inside. 

My happiness currently includes the fact that I am getting to throw out, sell or donate much of the house. I am limiting what we move with us.  We did the first purge last summer, and everything we have is very organized and labeled, but I don't want to take extras.

UPDATE 8/21/17:

We still have NOT closed on our house.  I am lost at who is to blame, but overall some major details were left out of the offer/contract and the buyers have not closed on their place so they have not closed on our place.  We have been very annoyed. We issued a Time of the Essence letter, and suddenly things moved along and the people rented.  I won't name name until we have closed but buyers lawyer is not one I would recommend or deal with again on a sale.

We found an amazing furnished rental on Candlewood Lake with a beach, dock for the boat and views.  I will miss waking up to the lake when we move out.   So I am taking it all in until then.  The kids love having friends over, going fishing and taking friends out on the boat.

While sad to be out of our first family home, after all the drama in selling it and stress of this sale, we rushed out the final weekend before leaving on vacation and basically shut the garage and just left.  No final picture of the four of us but we're out.  Hopefully sometime next week we actually officially close and I can stop paying for the house.