Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Tim is back home, but I would rather have him still in VA because it would mean Mr. Kenny is still with us.  On Thursday, Mr. Kenny- the father of our friends Erin and Dan passed away.  Someone who meant a lot to the both of us.  I haven't even known him that long, compared to the many other friends and family he has, and the impression he left on just me will last my lifetime.  The most cheerful, outgoing, caring, loving (the list could go on) person ever.  The most important thing now, is not taking everything for granted and taking one day at a time.  Support is another important factor right now, being with the ones you love and cherish and would do anything for.  Just like they would do for you.  Forever in our harts he will be missed.  Forever in my heart will be the Kenny Family.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So, one week from today I go back to school.  Back to commuting to the Bronx for classes, which honestly I am excited about.  Why?  The time will go by quicker, meaning Tim will be out of the Navy faster, time wise at least.  Plus, this is my last year, Graduation is 5/18 and Tim comes home 6/9.  Our summer was exciting, kicking off Memorial Weekend with Tim's return to the states.  We has a lovely few days down in Virginia with his family, seeing the sites- beach, ships, shops and enjoying great food.  Then the first week of July we went to the Jersey Shore for the Annual Family Vacation.  Tim had to return to Norfolk early for work-ups but it was still fun.

He made 2 trips back to Brewster between then and now, I went to Lake George with our friends at the beginning of August for a week on the lake.  Incredible!  Tim returned back to NY that weekend, then we went back to VA together for 4 days before I had to return home.