Monday, February 24, 2014

Hanging out and showing our #DisneySide


We were chosen to show our DisneySide with our friends, we celebrated last week with our friends.  Winter break from school meant our friends were off from school and work!  As a #DisneySide host I received free items for my family and our friends from multiple companies.  Using HP Photo Creations App each kid(s) took pictures and were able to print it on HP 5x7 photo paper with the DisneySide overlay.  Check out the App for many different options of printing cards and even gift cards on

So what is DisneySide??  Disney Side is showing off your fun-loving adventurous spirit that comes out to play when you’re feeling the Disney magic! Whether you show your Disney Side through fashion, food, or your favorite characters, or visits to the Disney Parks, it’s time to let it shine. Does everyone have a Disney Side? Of course!!  Look at these little ones!!

We were just in DisneyWorld last Spring and I am already itching to go back, though we will probably wait until 2015.  Already have heard Disney's Hollywood & Vine in Hollywood Studios has changed to incorporate the newest Disney Jr stars. Also Anna and Elsa have joined as characters the kids can see.  I really want to see them myself, Frozen has been our(my) favorite movie since November. 

The kids watched movies, played on the bunk beds (which rotated between a castle, space ship, etc).  We had pizza and made them to look like a Mickey head, our friend brought over cupcakes, and lots of drinks and snacks, especially the crasins in our package!  All the kids passed out for naps as soon as they left!  Great time by all, and glad we could share it with our friends!

Disclaimer: I was given free products from Disney Parks, MomSelect, HP and American Tourister to host this event.  All opinions are my own.  For more information on how you can show your Disney Side, visit or  follow along on Twitter, Facebook, Vine, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram at #DisneySide 

Thank you to :
Maria Bailey, Mom Select, Amy Sobel, Disney Parks, ABC's The Chew, HP, Ocean Spray, & American Tourister

Our Weekly Rundown

We are a busy family... All four us have schedules: places to be, people to see and things to do, and I still feel that we don't do enough << crazy talk I know, but there is still a lot I want to do but time holds us back.   Since October, both kids have been in school, I have been working part time, T has been busy with his job and construction business, then add in preschool therapy services for J's hand and others and play dates, trips to the zoo, etc.  There are a lot of times I would love to move closer to the city or have a second home there (don't we all) because of all the other kid/family activities we could do.  I feel this more in winter when outside stuff is so restricted and the city offers so many places indoors.  Wouldn't that be lovely?  Come spring/summer I wouldn't replace where we live at all.  I love the woods, water, bike paths and parks.    I think what makes it harder too, is T has a rotating schedule so weekends and nights are never the same one week to the next.  So as far as our routine, it is still up in the air, the only 3 really structured are the kids and I.  

Monday:  errands and 2 services through CPSE for Jack 

Tuesday: Jack's preschool, OT & PT services for Jack, work for me 3 cases and kids are with Tim's mom (Nanny)

Wednesday: Char has her 2s program, Grandma has Jack and then has both rest of the day. Their current "thing" is going to Stew Leonard's after school and then going back to Grandma's afterwards. Jack has speech in the afternoon.  I am at work 3 cases starting in morning and ending dinner time with paperwork/errands in between.

Thursday: Jack has school and I have work, lately kids have been going to friends or babysitter over to watch them.

Friday: FREE day.  Lately we have been watching old Disney movies (Aristocrats, Jungle Book, & Aladdin). Warmer weather will bring trips to the park, our beach pass for county park, and hiking/geocaching again. 

Weekends are reserved for family fun, sleep overs at the grandparents, and some laziness.  What do your weeks look like? Are you always on the go? My car gains serious mileage each year.