Monday, August 30, 2010

Picture Post for Your Viewing Pleasure

Just some cute pictures from August.
Ryan & I at the start of our bike ride from Carmel to Yorktown
Jack's First Time in a Pool

Jack with Connor and Ryan

Jack's first Camping trip

My little man

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby Blues

Tonight as I type this Jack is swinging in his swing dressed in froggy feet pajamas. He spent the evening with Tim at the bow shop looking at stuff for the upcoming hunting season. Yeah weekends will be over come late fall. In a few years both my boys will be up and out early for deer. Can you tell how excited I am? I won't be up that is for sure.

My To-Do List before I go back to work:
-Get Kitchen Organized
-Have Jack's Clothes Organized
-Set Routines for Morning Time
-Clean out living room and set up organization
-put away photos from summer

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

3 months!!! Baptism!!! Crib Sleeping!!

Jack is now 3 months old (8/14), he had his Baptism on Sunday 8/15 and now sleeps in a crib! He needs to stay small like NOW.
  • He can hold his paci all by him self 2/5 times get it back in his own mouth.
  • Holds his Taggie Blanket all by himself and some thin toys.
  • Punches away his bottle when he doesn't want it.
  • Sits in his Bumbo
  • Smiles when you say Jack!
  • Sleeps through the night for 8-10 hour clips
  • Drinking 6-7 ounce bottles
  • Outgrew all NB sizes and some 3 month
  • "holds" with 1 arm- he will wrap his arm onto you and cling on.
We got a Jumperoo to put together for him and see how he starts to like it in the next month or so. We go for our 2nd 1/2 of shots next week too. I am going to miss the little guy when I go back to work since its been Mommy & Me everyday for 3 months, my little shopping buddy.

Here are a few pictures to share.

Monday, August 2, 2010

us busy bees...

this summer is flying by. Jack is 11 weeks already. He started sleeping 10 hours at night!! We tried powder and he wasn't a big fan, so back to ReadyToUse bottles. My happy boy is back. He slept at Grandma's this weekend alone. I was in a wedding so he spent all day Saturday with my sister and then stayed over and we picked him up Sunday morning for the firehouse picnic. He was an angel there. I barely was able to hold him, everyone was holding him and playing with him. My sweet baby continues to entertain himself on his floor mat.

Jack met his Uncle Kevin last week for the first time while he was home between schools for the military, he deploys soon and chances are he won't see Jack again until he is almost a year. He is going to miss his baptism also which stinks. We are gearing up for the party, Jack has his outfit and shoes my sister and his Godmother bought him. We are using MY blanket from my baptism and my siblings. Afterwards I am going to try and find someone to embroider it with all our baptism dates so we can keep it as a tradition and in the family.

Jack has been enjoying going to library time, we started at 7 weeks and go each Monday with a few other moms I met through the hospital, its great seeing each of the babies change on a weekly basis, then go to lunch to catch up and talk about well the babies. I have learned so much through them. I am going to really miss all of it when I have to go back to work in the Fall.

Our kitchen is here, we have cabinets hung and placed, all new appliances in, counter ordered and just need pulls and a sink. The pulls just need to be ordered and we will be set. I think Jack is going to believe a drill is an everyday household tool, he sleeps through the sounds, my amazing little baby. Hopefully he will have his room back by the weekend when all the kitchen stuff has been put away.

He is about to roll over any day now. He goes from back to side and back again all day, kicks his feet at his toys. I can't wait!