Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas is OVER:(

Tim and I had a very blessed Christmas, we were spoiled by our family and friends and spent 2 amazing days with his side and my side of the family. Now we spend the last 4 days of 2009 together and gear up for 2010!!!

So many new things going on and in store for 2010.

Tim: He has started his own Construction/Handyman company, officially Registered and Insured with Putnam County!!! I am so proud, he has been wanting to do this for a while and finally put his mind to it. 2010 will be the official start.

House: The seller's signed the contracts and we received them Dec 22nd! Tentative closing is January 30th, 2010. We are still packing up, trying to sell furniture. Anyone need a complete Twin Bedroom, expensive Vaughan Collection?

Baby: Tuesday is the big day!!! We will find out is Baby Nugget is a boy or girl. Names are picked out, just waiting to see which one we will use. First Grandchild coming 2010!

Karen: I have become obsessed more than usual with decorating and baby items. I am hoping that after Tuesday I can come up with a nursery theme and start getting things ready. You know me, the Do-It-Yourself girl, I am going to make/design most myself. Tim may even help with making some of the furniture for the new house and nursery.

Well check back later in the week for the U/S results. Make your guesses under comments too:) Boy or Girl?!

Monday, December 21, 2009

18 Weeks and 3 Days Already

I can't believe how much time flies lately. Just yesterday I feel were were sitting in the doctors and finding out we were expecting. Now the next time we go to the doctors we are going to find out boy or girl. We have a girl name, still deciding on a boy name. I am most excited to go shopping after the appointment on Tuesday 12/29 (1 week), blue or pink!!
Here are the current belly shots:

Monday, December 14, 2009

4 Years Ago Today 12/15/05


Tim proposed down in VA at the Normandy's XMAS party. I can't believe it has been that long. Just wanted to share.

14 days: BABY GENDER
7 days: until school is done for break!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

16 Week Picture

So my belly is growing as well as my butt! My size 2, 4 & 6 pants no longer fit and were put away over the weekend. I went to look for maternity pants and found nothing I liked. Everything was frumpy and blah, so I bought more leggings, I love leggings. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, just a check up, I wish they could tell me what Nugget is. I feel movement but not sure if it is faint kicking or just body bubbles. I can't wait until we can feel Nugget, although I am sure I will be complaining of them keeping me up all the time once I do.

I am really enjoying my sleep, I have been waking up at 6:30am each morning, I should have been up at 6. I also have been waking up in the middle of the night a lot. Only 9 more days untl XMAS break and boy do I need it after this past week.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Needed: Dec 23rd 3:45 pm!

At that point I am off of work for 10 days. During those 10 days: I am celebrating XMAS, finding out what the baby in my belly is going to be and packing up my house for a move. Until then my life is wrapped up in work. Please make these next 12 work days fly by!

XOXO Karen

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I have 3 countdowns: 27days, 23 days & 15 days

27 Days until we find out what the nugget is. Boy or Girl?
23 Days until Christmas!!!!
15 More School Days until a 10 day break!

Home Update: The House was inspected on Tuesday. Everything looks good, we are waiting for the contracts to get to our Lawyers so we can sign them. Now I need to sell furniture in my house and pack.

Baby Update: I cannot sleep and have to use the bathroom all the time. I still have 25 weeks to go also. We are looking into furniture for the nursery, we have agreed on dark wood. (One fight avoided). I am buying weights for my arms- they have always been toned and now they are not:( I have to get into a bridesmaid dress 2 months after birth! Yikes!!!

School: 3 months down!