Christmas is OVER:(

Tim and I had a very blessed Christmas, we were spoiled by our family and friends and spent 2 amazing days with his side and my side of the family. Now we spend the last 4 days of 2009 together and gear up for 2010!!!

So many new things going on and in store for 2010.

Tim: He has started his own Construction/Handyman company, officially Registered and Insured with Putnam County!!! I am so proud, he has been wanting to do this for a while and finally put his mind to it. 2010 will be the official start.

House: The seller's signed the contracts and we received them Dec 22nd! Tentative closing is January 30th, 2010. We are still packing up, trying to sell furniture. Anyone need a complete Twin Bedroom, expensive Vaughan Collection?

Baby: Tuesday is the big day!!! We will find out is Baby Nugget is a boy or girl. Names are picked out, just waiting to see which one we will use. First Grandchild coming 2010!

Karen: I have become obsessed more than usual with decorating and baby items. I am hoping that after Tuesday I can come up with a nursery theme and start getting things ready. You know me, the Do-It-Yourself girl, I am going to make/design most myself. Tim may even help with making some of the furniture for the new house and nursery.

Well check back later in the week for the U/S results. Make your guesses under comments too:) Boy or Girl?!


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