I have 3 countdowns: 27days, 23 days & 15 days

27 Days until we find out what the nugget is. Boy or Girl?
23 Days until Christmas!!!!
15 More School Days until a 10 day break!

Home Update: The House was inspected on Tuesday. Everything looks good, we are waiting for the contracts to get to our Lawyers so we can sign them. Now I need to sell furniture in my house and pack.

Baby Update: I cannot sleep and have to use the bathroom all the time. I still have 25 weeks to go also. We are looking into furniture for the nursery, we have agreed on dark wood. (One fight avoided). I am buying weights for my arms- they have always been toned and now they are not:( I have to get into a bridesmaid dress 2 months after birth! Yikes!!!

School: 3 months down!


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