Saturday, July 28, 2012

9, 10, 11 Months... they are a blur

Charlotte is growing, in less than a month my sweet pea will be 1.  

  • she is thisclose to walking alone, 
  • she has made 1-2 steps without holding on to anything before she drops to crawl
  • walks with walkers, her doll stroller, and kid shopping cart and if you hold her hands
  • climbs! she has gotten up on the coffee table at Grandma's, off the bed, onto couch and onto things to be taller looking out the "cage"
  • attempts to get out of the bathtub
  • LOVES the pool.  She has a float she sits in and floats all over the pool laughing and splashing
  • a tough cookie! She is tossed, pushed and sat on by Jack and bounces right back each time, including now pushing him back
It has been busy this summer with 2 toddlers.  We have managed to stay sane, I can't wait until next summer when she can do so much more with Jack and us. She never stops going and doing all day long, but with a brother like Jack it is expected.   I am working on picture uploading and sorting, as soon as that is finished more photos will be uploaded.  Next big celebration is FIRST BIRTHDAY and is pink giraffe themed.  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

World traveler

Sleep?! Yes please, jet lag has kicked my ass. That or being a mom has caught up and without responsibilities for 2 little ones I am able to catch up on me which equals sleep. While I do this my mom back home with the kids can loose sleep. Apparently Monday morning he woke up at 6:30am, climbed out of pack and play and walked to her room. Then said "hi mama", to wake my mom up/ scare the living shit out of her for many reasons (climbing, 6:30am, waking her up?!). Good thing she loves Jack and well Jack is obsessed with her, god forbid I pass exit 19 on 84 and not pull off to visit MAMA!!!! He starts to cry and throw things, smart boy knows where she works. So my kids are back home with my mom and Tim. Here in Budapest- my dad, sister and I walk around, see the sights and I soak in free wifi at Starbucks often. I have gotten 2 of 3 potential mugs thus far (Austria better have one Thursday). Have a frequent buyer card for the store in Fashion Street and becoming a regular (2 days was all it took). I wonder if Jack even misses me, probably not since he has Charlotte and all his Thomas toys with him.

Friday, July 13, 2012

i'm leaving on a jet plane

In a little more then 24 hours I will be off on an international flight to Budapest to spend a week with my father and sister.  Most importantly relaxing and only worrying about me (well the kids too but they will be with my mom and Tim so no real worries there).  I wouldn't be surprised to come home to Charlotte walking, Jack talking even more (each day is a new phrase, requests and words).
In preparation for the trip, trying to make schedules and get everything down around the house is crazy.
5 loads of laundry finally caught me up there, summer time equals many outfits a day when you throw in swimming, sprinklers and outdoor play.  At least my living room looks good...for now.

Party prep: in a little over a month Charlotte will be 1! So invited have to go out, food lists made, favor bags put together and most importantly an OUTFIT- she's a girl after all.  2-3 "costume changes" seems appropriate.  I think I found the perfect gift for her last night, Fisher Price Little People comes out on top AGAIN.  Monster (I mean brother) Jack thinks all toys are his though, even the girl specific toys I have bought Charlotte, so birthday present time should be interesting.

Summer in general- BUSY, we actually stopped gym time because we are outside so much this summer, that it made more sense to save the money for the fall.  Swimming will resume when I am back from Budapest.  I bought sprinklers and they entertain both kids for hours, score one for me (and Target).  Library restarted so we have been attending that also.  I am trying to plan a few mini trips also for the kids: Sesame, aquarium, central park and a new children's museum to name a few.

Job front:  I had an interview and should hear back while I am away.  I would work with younger children and have the possibility to bring both kids to work with me and they would attend other classes.  Hopefully everything works out and I can get back to working this fall. We shall see, I am excited for how the possibilities look as of now.

I am catching up on pictures and will add them ASAP.

hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July is Hot Hot Hot

July is here, the first 6 months of 2012 are over.  We were in Jersey at the Ocean Club from June 23-30, it was great, good weather and the kids had a ball.  Jack is getting so big and this year was like one of the big kids running around with the cousins.  Now that we are back, bootcamp has begun for sleep routines once again, eating habits and expected behavior.

I have been going through over 2,000 pictures to edit and make into a book, catch up on emails and now blogging.  Making money a little at a time through blogging, surveys and product sampling.  4 days and I am still not caught up, household paper work, and then party planning for Charlotte's 1st Birthday.

Early Intervention: Jack was re-evaluated on Monday the 2nd. He QUALIFIED! I am so happy that he will finally start getting the services he deserves and needs for his hand.  I have to attend a follow up meeting to set everything up and sign all the papers next week, it only took over a year of fighting, going back and forth with insurance and county.  We used All About Kids in Westchester and the evaluators were AWESOME.

Grad School:  I had to go down to Lehman yesterday to fix my schedule for the fall and my final 2 classes. I was registered for a class I had already taken under a different number because many classes are offered together across disciplines.  My process took 30 seconds to complete yet I sat over 2 hours waiting for that opportunity.  Come December I am DONE!!

Charlotte: 10 months already, cue the birthday party planning.  She is a loud one, much more "vocal" with her sounds then Jack ever was.  She smiles all day long and cruises nonstop.  She will be walking any day now, (eek!!)  She is in love with the pool and swimming, she can't enough!