9, 10, 11 Months... they are a blur

Charlotte is growing, in less than a month my sweet pea will be 1.  

  • she is thisclose to walking alone, 
  • she has made 1-2 steps without holding on to anything before she drops to crawl
  • walks with walkers, her doll stroller, and kid shopping cart and if you hold her hands
  • climbs! she has gotten up on the coffee table at Grandma's, off the bed, onto couch and onto things to be taller looking out the "cage"
  • attempts to get out of the bathtub
  • LOVES the pool.  She has a float she sits in and floats all over the pool laughing and splashing
  • a tough cookie! She is tossed, pushed and sat on by Jack and bounces right back each time, including now pushing him back
It has been busy this summer with 2 toddlers.  We have managed to stay sane, I can't wait until next summer when she can do so much more with Jack and us. She never stops going and doing all day long, but with a brother like Jack it is expected.   I am working on picture uploading and sorting, as soon as that is finished more photos will be uploaded.  Next big celebration is FIRST BIRTHDAY and is pink giraffe themed.  


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