Friday, August 17, 2012

Pinterest craft time

Yarn Wreath. I keep seeing these on blogs and being "pinned" so I decided to try. My sister starts a new teaching job Monday and I thought this would be a great gift for her classroom.  It took me under 1 hour to make, granted its a smaller wreathe.  I have another one to make same style then going to make some bigger ones for fall decor.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

LEGO Duplo Party

Who doesn't love a party/big play date? Recently I was picked by to host a Duplo party for young kids with my friends.  Free new toys to play with, party favors and a reason to see my friends and the kids, let's do it! So on Friday 8/3 we have 10+ kids/babies over and their moms to play.  This kids loved the Duplos, the sets made animals that went along with the books you read, each page tells you what to build next.  

I did buy 2 additional sets for the kids to play with, one with a book and with set that including a shape sorter and made 3 more animals and a tree.  They are great to use for Jack and his fine motor skills, the OT and Jack play with his Duplos on their Monday sessions.  Awesome right?!  The only disappointment with the Duplo party is not having enough complete sets for the kids to take home, in the past when I have hosted housepartys there has always been enough for everyone, this time only 4 kits were sent. That would be my only complaint or for them to have sent different sets, not only the farm ones which is why I bought my own additional ones.  Overall it was a great day and everyone had a lot of fun.
Party Favors and Duplo Sets 
Outdoor fun too
Playing outside
I made Cupcakes with Legos on them

next parties: Kashi treats!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I started randomly over a month ago looking up information when the 1940 census was made available online for NYers free.  Now I am obsessed and signed up for the 2 week membership, I am sure I will wind up signing up again, but so far I have recorded over 125 people in a matter of 2 days and dated family back to mid 1700s. Pretty awesome right?  I am also convinced (though its not proven yet) I am related to my BFF from college, wouldn't that be cool?  No one famous yet, but new cemeteries to explore.  Everyone was born in Italy or Ireland before coming to NY and only 1 person from Ohio.  My generation is what spread out coming from California, New Jersey and 2 others.  Also generations back were pretty big and slimmed down in the past 3.  Also many name repeats, until recently.  I hope to find more interesting things while I continue to explore.   I will share my findings soon!

Strep Throat

Has hit our house.  Jack woke up this morning with 101.3 fever, he was blubbering, sweaty, cuddling mess.  At 4:30 at his doctor appointment his temperature went up to 101.8, and after a quick strep test we knew what was wrong.  3 hours later and ice cream, 2 surprises from the surprise bin he was running around, jumping and back to normal Jack!

This was his first fever in over a year, pretty good rate I'd say.  Also another first childhood illness, first cocksakie and now strep.  Am I the only one who celebrates this?  After our beginning with Jack and all the abnormal issues, normalcy is celebrated.

up next: 10 days of medication