I started randomly over a month ago looking up information when the 1940 census was made available online for NYers free.  Now I am obsessed and signed up for the 2 week membership, I am sure I will wind up signing up again, but so far I have recorded over 125 people in a matter of 2 days and dated family back to mid 1700s. Pretty awesome right?  I am also convinced (though its not proven yet) I am related to my BFF from college, wouldn't that be cool?  No one famous yet, but new cemeteries to explore.  Everyone was born in Italy or Ireland before coming to NY and only 1 person from Ohio.  My generation is what spread out coming from California, New Jersey and 2 others.  Also generations back were pretty big and slimmed down in the past 3.  Also many name repeats, until recently.  I hope to find more interesting things while I continue to explore.   I will share my findings soon!


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