Friday, October 18, 2013

Art-doors Adventure

Every Columbus weekend our family goes upstate on a mini vacation.  This year was my 8th time, Jack's 4th, Tim's 20th and Char's 3rd.  Tim was working the day we left, so I took off a little earlier then normal to check out a place mentioned in the October issue of Family Fun Magazine: OMI International Art Center in Ghent, NY.

The trip was about an hour and half up Taconic, 82, 9H to 22.  Beautiful drive and this time of the year can include many stops for apple picking, scenery pictures and some pumpkins.  We arrived to the dirt/rock parking lot facing huge sculptures and pieces of art.   Kids got out of the car and RAN! Great place to stretch your legs (dog friendly too!). 

We only say 1/3 of the art, and were there about an hour, kids like looking and naming them. The heads and yellow beam were favorites.  Jack enjoyed the pyramid too, yelling for Charlotte to come running and "check it out".  I was able to get great pictures, including some of them hugging.  Worth the stop for that alone! 

If you are in the area, or need a place to just drive to I highly recommend the visit to Omi International Arts Center. 

"This is colorful"- Jack

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Those who see us regularly or follow Instagram know I call Char disasterbaby, check her pictures out, many explain why.  She is a handful, full of attitude, sass, and has a mouth that already talks back.  If you correct her, well she is drama filled. Lays on the floor, kicks, screams and cries all while making sure you are watching.  Like that YouTube video I saw a while back, she will follow you to next room and start tantrum all over again.

Fighting you ask? Jack and her go out it a thousand times a day.  She grabs his trains and runs away, he takes them back and hits her. She hits him, he takes her toys and leaves room. Repeat! She is also independent, part of her stubbornness, maybe.  She gets her own drinks, climbs up on counters with assistant from whatever is nearby.  My makeup has been destroyed from her getting it, I am about to hang it on ceiling to keep it away.  But she is cute so it's hard not to laugh through all of this. 

When she turned two at her check up, she came in at 34 inches and 27lbs, not bad, definitely different then her brother.   She went to the allergist for testing which we have to follow up during the winter, for now we know she is allergic to Onnicef, an antibiotic and has to stay away from the penicillin family until we do further testing but she won't sit through them now, as they are intense and time consuming, although the blood came back negative.  

She started school in October, a Twos program, for 75minutes once a week.  She RAN inside the first day, refused to kiss me and told me to leave.  Upon pick up again she said leave she wasn't going home.  I'd say she likes it.   I think she also likes her alone time from Jack and her independence of everyone at home watching her.  Forming her own friendships with little girls, recently having a play date with a girl she "picked up" in Starbucks, girl after my own heart.   

At two, she finally plays with dolls: feeding, diaper changing (takes her wipes to clean them) and cuddles.  Just like a little mommy.   She is obsessed with shoes, especially her boots which when out on make her start dancing immediately.   Dancing is another favorite, to theme songs in TV, music channels and in the car to the radio.  "My love, my love, my love she keeps me COLD" is what she sings thanks to her brother changing the words.  

Charlotte is full of spunk and keeps us on our toes for sure.  We love her for all of that! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Let's Talk Bums


Cottonelle is all about BUMS with their latest #LetsTalkBums and the Cottonelle Clean Crew campaigns they have out currently.   The sleek design for the Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleaning Cloths is perfect for every bathroom. It is stylish and simple (plus you can decorate it yourself if you want) to keep it displayed.  It is refillable saving on buying new ones each times.
The clean feeling after using them, is enough to make you use them again.  Cleaning cloths are not only for babies, they are for everyone. Pick some up today!

**I received incentives and products as apart of this campaign from Crowdtap and Cottonelle but all opinions are my own.  Crowdtap is a member of the WOMMA (word of mouth marketing association).  **

Great Giveaway!!

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