Let's Talk Bums


Cottonelle is all about BUMS with their latest #LetsTalkBums and the Cottonelle Clean Crew campaigns they have out currently.   The sleek design for the Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleaning Cloths is perfect for every bathroom. It is stylish and simple (plus you can decorate it yourself if you want) to keep it displayed.  It is refillable saving on buying new ones each times.
The clean feeling after using them, is enough to make you use them again.  Cleaning cloths are not only for babies, they are for everyone. Pick some up today!

**I received incentives and products as apart of this campaign from Crowdtap and Cottonelle but all opinions are my own.  Crowdtap is a member of the WOMMA (word of mouth marketing association).  **


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