Art-doors Adventure

Every Columbus weekend our family goes upstate on a mini vacation.  This year was my 8th time, Jack's 4th, Tim's 20th and Char's 3rd.  Tim was working the day we left, so I took off a little earlier then normal to check out a place mentioned in the October issue of Family Fun Magazine: OMI International Art Center in Ghent, NY.

The trip was about an hour and half up Taconic, 82, 9H to 22.  Beautiful drive and this time of the year can include many stops for apple picking, scenery pictures and some pumpkins.  We arrived to the dirt/rock parking lot facing huge sculptures and pieces of art.   Kids got out of the car and RAN! Great place to stretch your legs (dog friendly too!). 

We only say 1/3 of the art, and were there about an hour, kids like looking and naming them. The heads and yellow beam were favorites.  Jack enjoyed the pyramid too, yelling for Charlotte to come running and "check it out".  I was able to get great pictures, including some of them hugging.  Worth the stop for that alone! 

If you are in the area, or need a place to just drive to I highly recommend the visit to Omi International Arts Center. 

"This is colorful"- Jack


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