Lake George 2008

We are back at home and back to normal after a great week in Lake George with our friends. We went Saturday and came home Saturday. We spilt a home with 10 other friends, everyone taking a night to cook dinner for everyone. I have never ate so much good food in one week. Tim cooked for our night since as you know I don't cook.

GoKarting was one of the many highlights for the week. After our race we were kicked out, NO BUMPING!! We went rafting in inner tubes, what an adventure. My tube popped and I had to lay across Tim for the last part of the river. We survived though after fearing a waterfall and having dogs come out to scare us.

My parents were up at the Sagamore for the week with my brother who came to visit us twice for a little while. Tim and I spent time up at their hotel too. It was nice seeing them and Dan totally impressed my dad with his wake boarding skills.

Can't wait for LG 09!!!

Here are some pictures:


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