Open Letter to The Burnt Out Mom

Those moms who feel they are just doing it on a cycle.  You are not alone.

I sit here at11:37pm finally free, to do me, I mean I was "free" before that BUT there was laundry, dishes, picking up toys, garbage round up that I just couldn't ignore first.  No one sees what I see.  I do all day for the kids when I am not teaching, working my own small business and helping the husband.  I may sleep 6-7 hours a night.  I FEEL BURNT OUT! 

Those awake hours, I hear "he is touching me", "looking at me", "kicking me", "touching me" and REPEAT over and over.

Those awake hours, I am pushing through until bedtime.   It may look like I have it together, it MAY but I don't feel I do most days!

Those awake hours, I am running around for everyone,getting everything done they didn't know needed to get done.

Those awake hours, I know where every lost shoe/sock/sandal is. If only they just put it away when I asked the first 10 times.

Those awake hours, I drive to activities, sports, meals and playdates.  Drowning out their arguments with music, louder and louder.

Those awake hours, I am collecting laundry through the house, washing it, drying it and all I ask is for everyone to put away. I wash, dry and sort repeat daily. Life is a cycle.

Those awake hours, I just want to hear the word THANKS.  Thanks for.... From someone in my household.

Those awake hours, I fight for my family. I fight for what they deserve, their treatment, what they need.  Who fights for me?

Those awake hours, I am surviving on caffeine.  Had you seen my Starbucks bill lately?

So much is just expected.  So much is taken for granted.  So much is just done because we know if we don't do it, it will never get done.  I want you to know you are not alone.  I appreciate what you do.  I see what you do. I know that without you, it won't get done.  Moms I get you, thank you, love you and hear you.

Good Job! From a fellow burnt out mom.


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