School has started.   Week 4 starts on Monday,  it has been CHALLENGING.  I am still getting used to being up at 5am, on the road around 6 and then usually home between 5 and 6pm, basically 12 hours a day out of the house.  I have 12 Sixth Graders, for 11 year olds what they say at times is SURPRISING!! I am counting the days until June already.

The families are doing great, back t college for Rob and Kim, back in school for Anna and still working for Eric and Kevin.  All are looking forward to Columbus weekend until everyone is home from school and go away again to the Catskills.

Friday the 19th I went to my cousin's Sweet 16!  Fun times in Long Island and seeing that side of my family.  My mom had a good time (pictures to come).  Today we decorated for the Fall in our house, Tim is counting down the days until Hunting Season begins, fishing all the time until then.  The cold weather is setting in, hopefully the winter won't be too bad this year, for my commute will be more awful then it is already.  

Until next time- peace, love and happiness!


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