Columbus Day Weekend

Dennis and Tim Shooting Arrows
Before Falling in the Water

Michael, Ryan and Tim on the Waterfalls

We are back from our family vacation at Glenbrook (with Tim's family).  A great 3 days and 3 nights of fun.  Missing Poppa who wasn't able to be there with us since he is getting better.  We went to waterfalls, I fell in the water while climbing waterfalls (ouch!), and went go-karting with my buddy Ryan.  It was Octoberfest at Hunter Mountain, so we stopped by there too.  

This is my 3rd year up there now, this year I finally rode a bike around the lake, once with Connor than with little Ryan.  My workout for the month, haha.  Tim practiced shooting with his Dad with their bows and last night we had a campfire after going to the haunted house. Which wasn't as scary as last years, I knew what to look out for this time.  

Thanks to my parents and Erin, who watched the dogs for us and helped sick Bailey.  I am sorry again Erin for having to clean up messes, aren't you glad you have a cat? 

Bring on the holidays and winter so this spring we can spend more time up in the mountains of the Catskills with all those we love.


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