November is almost over..

The Birthday Girl!
Tim and I on the  Cruise around the City

On Saturday the 22nd, our friend Erin held her birthday party down in the city.  We went on a Party Boat around the city.  The girls and I went down early and hung out in the hotel room Erin got for us.  We stayed at the Affinia Hotel which was AMAZING.  After the party we went out and then went back to the hotel for sleep.

On Sunday, Tim and I met back up and went to see the Wintuk at Madison Square with his family and Anna's Girl Scout Troop.  Luckily for me I only had to walk across the street in the morning.  After the show, which was great, we went down to the village for lunch and some shopping.  Before heading back uptown to Macy's on 34th Street to see Santa.  Santa though doesn't arrive at Macy's until the day AFTER Thanksgiving, so we settled on a picture with a few elves.  

Santa's Elves and us

In other updates, both our jobs are good.  Tim is enjoying the FD and I am enjoying teaching my middle schoolers. Just yesterday we made turkeys in class, and now I have a new table center piece.  Until next time...xoxo!


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