2nd Annual Proctor XMAS Party, Holidays and Snow!

The Gargiulo Girls
Tim and I 

On 12/12 we had our annual XMAS party.  It was a fun time and we had lots of friends and family at our house.  I hope everyone who came enjoyed themselves.  I know everyone who talked to Tim and I since said they did, and we should do it again next year the same way!

Snowstorm 12/19-12/21
Our Living Room for the Holidays

On Friday, 12/19 we finally got snow and boy did we ever!  I left work 2 hours early at 1pm and it took me 4 1/2 hours to get home.  It was a nightmare, but I made it.  The picture above shows  Bailey going out in the snow.  The snow was touching his stomach, he was not happy until we did a little bit of shoveling and he was able to play around.  Guinness of course thinks it is a never ending meal.  Dumb dog! 

Christmas is approaching which for me means NO SCHOOL!  I am very excited to have some time off to be home and relax.  I can't believe I am already 1/2 way through the school year already too.  It sure does fly by! 


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