What we are up to...

How it looked originally (above) 
Naked bike (below), while Tim works on it

Tim has been busy working on his motorcycle.  He took it apart, powder coated many parts, got a paint job for the tins and now putting it back together.  It has been a busy project, but great for passing the winter months when he can't ride.  I am excited for the spring to get back on the bike with him and go riding.  Above are before and during pictures.  The final project will be posted as soon as it is done.  

It has been a year now since Tim joined the FDNY, time sure does fly.   It seems like just yesterday he got out of the military and started the academy.  For me work is going, 3 semesters down and 3 semesters to go until summer vacation!  Currently I am just looking forward to winter break in mid-February!  
I wanted to share this picture from when we went to the indoor rock climbing gym.  This is after we raced to the top (I WON!!).  I wished we lived closer because I would be at the gym all the time.  It was so much fun, we went with Joe, Mike and Brett (Mike's Dad).  It is such a great workout for your body (my arms were sore for the next few days).  

For now, I am counting down the days until Spring and over the snow that makes my drive to work an adventure every time the white stuff falls.  XOXO


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