February Break!

Tim and I finally wound up with time off together.  My break is coming to an end and I will be back at work on Monday.   This week, we shopped, picked up parts for the motorcycle and ate out a bunch.  My sister was home too for her break so we were able to go hang out also.

We are currently house-hunting hoping to be in a home by the end of 2009.  This week we looked at 3 homes but none that were overly appealing.  So our hunt continues. 

We also booked a vacation to DISNEY WORLD!!  It will be Tim's first time in Disney ever and our first vacation alone ever.  We leave April 10th (which will also be my 24th birthday) and return to NY April 16th, 7 days in sunny Florida.   This vacation will help get through the long month of March at work without any breaks/holidays.  
Disney here we come!!!


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