March Madness

It has been a month!  Time is flying and I for one and not complaining because it means summer is approaching quickly.  Tim injured his back last week and is currently going through physical therapy during the week.   I am walk next to someone who moves like an 80 year old.  My parents are almost back in NY after a trip to France for a week.  I have received many phone calls, by the way they have sounded on the phone they are enjoying themselves.  

We are enjoying time with the cat Punk.  He is staying with us currently and playing with the dogs once again!   St. Patrick's Day marked 3 years we have had Bell the dog who resides with Grandpa Proctor.  I can't believe it has been 3 years already, Guinness turned 3 this week too.  My pups are getting old, Punkie turns 4 in April, another animal birthday approaching quickly.

The motorcycle is FINISHED, I just have to add some pictures to show everyone.  I just am finishing my 4th term of teaching tomorrow, only 2 to go!!  That is very exciting, my students were also well- behaved today and I am STILL the reigning champ of UNO cards!!


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