School is out. Back from vacation too!

My first year as a teacher is OVER! I made it through my first year as a 6th grade special ed teacher in the South Bronx. I will not be returning to the school next year, I am changing schools and grades. I was hired for 2 positions at 2 different schools and accepted a 3rd grade regular education position over a 5th grade CTT position. I think the 3rd grade is going to be better for me, I want to teach younger students, always have. Another year another challenge, bring it on!

Tim just marked 1 year at his fire house. He started the job July 4th, 2008, we left the Jersey Shore early for his first day. This year we left the Jersey Shore a day early again so he could work too. I cannot be more proud of him and his accomplishments, first the US Navy and now the FDNY. Along with working every 4th of July since we have been married ;)

We also bought a new car 2 weeks ago. We bought a 2009 Dodge Ram Hemi 1500 (I think thats how you say it). Our Colorado was a piece of crap, we couldn't pass up the deal on the truck or the offer for our trade. I never thought I would like pick ups but I am learning to love them. I will get my Subraru eventually, that is the deal though.

4th summer vacation at the Jersey Shore, we went and are back!! Some how we lucked out on the weather, it was great. What we didn't do is a shorter list. I can't wait for the professional pictures to be posted up on the website. I will post my own soon though. We both have a busy summer planned ahead of us. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!!!


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