Just another rainy Sunday

Rain rain go away! This morning we woke up to our Truck keyed (yes the new one). I am beyond pissed. At least tomorrow there is no school and another day of rest. I can't stop sleeping to catch up on all I have missed since school started. Friday night Tim had a bunch of guys from the Firehouse up to the Go-Kart track to race, Kim and I went to Amy's for pizza. It was yummy and homemade!! After we joined the boys at the go-kart place and went to the bar.

In other news, I received an email from someone this week about missing our friendship. It's ironic that one can send that at 25 but still act like high school and block me on Facebook. How am I supposed to respond? Too bad in 9 months too much stuff has been said, too many shows have been put on by a certain mother and then you want to "turn back time" and "miss the good times we had." What has been said has been said. I wonder the truth behind it or is it that so much has been said about OTHERS to me and that could be damaging? Especially with proof. Well tonight's post has been more venting then happy news but thats life sometimes!

Over and out! xoxo Karen


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