::tears:: I cannot believe he is that old already. He is holding his head up, giggling nonstop, showing us his adorable smiles. He just started to entertain himself on his play mat with his feet. He reacts to people around him, just today the 3 kids Kim watches sang with puppets and he was laughing up a storm. Have I said how much I love him? He is our snuggle puppy!

We still have him in the bassinet next to us, neither of us wants to part from him at night yet, even though he sleeps until 6-7am almost every morning from 11pm. He is the "bestest" as his daddy says. He does nap in his crib during the day. We went to our first baby lap time on Monday and he ate the whole time we were there, the lap time was fun though and I cannot wait until he participates himself.

Jack is becoming more of an individual every day. Motherhood is truly amazing and very rewarding. I couldn't be happier.


Mrs E said…
I love Jack.
I can't believe how old he is already!!!!!!!! I remember just WAITING for you to go into labor!

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