7 Months

Sibling Rivalry has begun, I thought I would have more time before it started.  Today they fought over a cereal bar in the shopping cart at Stop and Shop.  They were sitting in the Cozy Coupe 2 seater car, again I can't believe she is big enough for that already either.  Jack had one and well Charlotte wanted it, so the hair pulling and ear yanking began. Yup, my 7 month attacked my 22 month old.  I know, its not hard to believe if you knew me when I was young.

other milestones:

  • STTN 8:30-9pm until 9am, if not later
  • naps 2 times a day or if driving in car seat
  • goes from tummy to sitting position all by herself
  • gets on all fours, rocks on all fours
  • holds herself up on hands and toes (like a bridge, no knees on floor)
  • grabs for finger foods
  • holds bottles herself (oh so nice!!!)
  • TOOTH! She has 1 bottom tooth in, teething phase has begun and awful
  • wears 6-9 months clothes.  roughly 17lbs by now (no appts until May)
  • bath time with Jack, she sits and splashes water on him
  • uses walker to get around 1st floor.  She moves forward and backward
  • "cage" will be up by next month for her
She babbles, coos and screams to get your attention and holds onto whoever holds her.  Boy is she ticklish 


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