"Mommy that's a great idea"

I love Jack (and Charlotte too of course!), his vocabulary, conversations, imagination and pretend play are amazing.   Yes, I am being one of the bragging parents today.  Each day he surprises us with a new expression and cracks us up.  He knows where certain landmarks mean different places now, and boy do he get excited.  Currently it's a tie between Grandma's/Papa Neil house and Starbucks.  Though Nanny/Papa's and Gabe who works at Dunkin Donuts are also huge hits.  He knows what his mommy drinks and from which place and where Grandma gets her coffee and from who.  I can't go anywhere in car without him calling out what stores he sees, trains or where he wants to go next.

Our more recent hang out is at the Southeast Metro North Station since there is a train yard (Tidmouth Sheds) and a "Kevin" train always parked on rails we can park next to.  In comes his imagination, "Hi Kevin" says Jack.  Then he throws his voice to make Kevin's voice and replies "Hi Jack, how are you doing today?"  This continues back and forth with two different voices for a few minutes.  My mom and I listen quietly and trying not to crack up to this (always a fail, it's too cute not to laugh).  I am sure Charlotte thinks we are all nuts.  This takes place 1-2 times a week when we meet my mom for her lunch break.

"Mommy that is a great idea".  I am a genius in his eyes and I love it, because before I know it I will just be the annoying mom asking too many questions with lame ideas.  I asked Jack to come up and paint the other day, he came running up the stairs saying "mommy that is a great idea!"   Shortly after it was followed with "you're the best mom".  Win for me again!  He smothers me with kisses and anytime I am sitting he must surprise me with a hug by climbing behind me.   This makes up for the times when he runs away in public or throws a fit of wanting both hot chocolate and vanilla milk box at same time in Starbucks with a long line.  Those times I am the best mom for keeping my cool, we all have our moments right?!

"Aren't I handsome?" Tim taught him that, after his bath or shower tim combs his hair and he runs out to me to ask. "Yes you are Jack, a tie with daddy".  Then even though Tim was within ear shot he has to run and repeat back.

Happiness or tears?  He did not cry, flinch, or turn around walking into his first day of "school" last week.  Heck he didn't even say goodbye, he walked in and that was it.  Upon pick up he didn't want to leave but finally came, gave me a hug and got his things. Out the door we went, he said they sang a good bye song but it is for school and I can't know it.  Secrets already??


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