Gold Emblem Abound Review

CVS/pharmacy is kicking it up a notch with their new line of snack that launched this summer.  I was able to taste some of the yummy snacks recently with my family.  The kids loved them, and have been taking snack bars and the different trail mixes to school daily.  Win-win for them and me that we all enjoy healthier foods.  Literally the Heavenly Light Popcorn didn't make it a day in my house, once I started I ate almost the whole bag and he kids finished it off while  watching a movie for snack.  Yum!

With picky kids (and myself) it's hard to find something we all enjoy and that doesn't cost a lot, Gold Emblem Abound does just that.  Another plus is you can find it in CVS stores and they are everywhere locally.  The cookies were great desert treats, the trail mixes are in resealable bags making them perfect too for your purse, the car, stash them anywhere for when you are feeling hungry.

My house gives them 2 thumbs up. What will you try first? 

·         Gold Emblem Abound is a line of affordable, great tasting, and healthier snacks that launched in CVS/pharmacy stores this summer. The snacks are free of all artificial preservatives and flavors and are made with wholesome ingredients that help you feel nourished and satisfied. The line was designed to have options for each individual shopper’s dietary needs including gluten free, cholesterol free, and high in fiber and protein.
·         The line is perfect for any snack round-ups or features you may have planned for the coming months, and they are also great to include in any posts you might be writing about healthier snacking for on-the-go families, kids’ lunches or afterschool snacks. The Gold Emblem Abound line is also a good option for those looking for healthier snacking alternatives around Halloween, the holidays, etc.
·         There are more than 7,600 CVS/pharmacy locations across the U.S. – and more than 75% of the U.S. population lives within 3 miles of a CVS in the markets we serve. That means, with this launch, it is easier than ever for shoppers to grab healthier choices without having to make an extra trip to a health food store or specialty store. Now everyone can grab something for school lunches, road trips or a family movie night that offers nutritional benefits and tastes great, but is totally free of artificial preservatives and flavors, when they’re running into their local CVS to fill a prescription, buy band-aids or grab other health and beauty essentials.


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