Santa Magic from a 4.5 Year Old

At 3 and 4.5years old my kids believe in Santa, they get excited to see him and currently the Elf on the Shelf (Elfie and his sister Elfette) are visiting us.  They think they are so cool, imagine elfs that fly to North Pole every night and make it back for the morning?  Jack has us writing notes to send to Santa at night and come back with reply in the morning.  

This week Jack sent a Thomas toy to the North Pole with the elves, so Thomas could help Santa figure out what Thomas trains he needs for Christmas.  His imagination, innocence is something I hope never leaves him.  "Christmas is a time for giving" he keeps telling me.  He has picked out toys in the store to buy for other kids, asks me for money when he sees the People from Salvation Army ringing bells, and we packed up toys from his room to donate this year too, he truly has a heart of gold.  

Yesterday he went with Grandma to get her Christmas Tree.  He helped drag it, and was excited to drive home with it on the roof.  Then last night he helped carry it in and get it in the stand.  When needles were on floor, he asked to vacuum to clean up.  What a good boy!

Before bed last night he opened Day 5 in his Lego Advent Calendar, another special countdown he is excited to do daily, and then help his sister with hers.  He went to bed in his Santa hat from last year with his name on it, "to let Santa know I love him". When he crawled into bed in the middle of the night, his hat was still on, incalled him Santa Jack, "no mommy I am just Jack who lo
Santa sent us mail!!

ves Christmas". I cracked up!

I really hope his Christmas spirit never leaves, and dreading the day he no longer  believes.  I want 4.5year old Christmas Jack forever. 


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